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This should be the last time you visit Relic Castle.


TM04 Calm Mind, PP Max, TM26 Earthquake


This may be the third time you visit Relic Castle; this place has a knack for unfinished business, doesn’t it? In fact, as you soon as you try and enter, Professor Juniper will appear and lecture you about the Pokemon statues outside.

But if you’re smart and followed our guide (or figured it out yourself), you’ll know all about using a RageCandyBar to wake up the "Darmanitan" IconDarmanitan statues. Although, as a bonus, Professor Juniper gives you one such candy bar free of charge.

Next, make your way back to the very depth of Relic Castle. If you don’t remember the directions, refer to the “Relic Castle, Proper” page of our “Chasing Legends” section. Back then, you were forcefully taken outside of the ruins upon reaching the lowest point, but now you can press onwards.

For starters, head for the door in the top-right corner. Turns out you’re not alone, as a Plasma Grunt spots you and does a runner. Quick, after him! In the next room, the Plasma Grunt will realise he’s got nowhere to hide, so decides to get rid of you with force.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Krookodile" IconKrookodile 64 Ground/Dark

After he fesses up, you’re free to continue with your excavation. At the moment, you’re in a maze of sorts. Nothing too complex, really, but it can mess with your head a bit.

To begin with, go down a room, then left a room, down another room and finally left two rooms. Ahead you should notice another person’s presence…

Calm Mind isn’t a bad move to use in the coming Pokemon battle.

After Ryoku is escorted outside, step through the door ahead and towards the powerful Pokemon discussed. Heal up your Pokemon, check your stash of Poke Balls and save your game. Then inspect the Pokemon to begin another epic campaign…

Wild Pokemon: Volcarona

Volcarona is a very powerful legendary so you should come fully prepared.

Pokemon Level Type
"Volcarona" IconVolcarona 70 Bug/Fire

This “legendary” sun Pokemon is intimidating at Level 70 and definitely one to be cautious around. Between its monstrous stats and Quiver Dance , which ups its Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed, you’ll have a hard time surviving unless you’re properly prepared.

Pokemon strong against Fire and Bug moves are recommended, especially a Fire type with Flash Fire to negate Fire damage. Like usual, try and Paralyse or Sleep "Volcarona" IconVolcarona, so it spends less time buffing its stats and nuking your Pokemon, then whittle it down with weak moves, especially False Swipe.

Despite its tough Special Defence, its normal Defence isn’t so hot, so be careful of accidentally swatting it. Catching Volcarona is highly recommended, because while you can evolve a "Larvesta" IconLarvesta, it does so at Level 59, which is… quite a task.

Once you’re done here, exit back to the previous room and follow this route: left two rooms, up one room, left one room, up one room, then take the left exit. From here, run up the stairs and through the exit ahead. You’ll now be in a room with a stairway leading up.

Go up the stairs to find more stairs, then more… and more… and still more… and… Well, you came from Basement Level 7, so you do the maths! Once you finally reach the end of the stairs, grab the TM26 Earthquake , then hop over the ledge and exit the ruins.

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