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Mistralton Cave


A forgotten cave where a Legendary Pokemon is said to linger. Hopefully you didn’t forget about this cave, but if you’re reading this page, it’s not too late!

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Boldore" IconBoldore Rock Everywhere 50%
"Woobat" IconWoobat Psychic/Flying Everywhere 30%
"Axew" IconAxew Dragon Everywhere 20%
"Drilbur" IconDrilbur Ground Dust Cloud 100%
"Cobalion" IconCobalion Steel/Fighting Guidance Chamber Only One


Elixir, Hyper Potion, Max Repel, Ultra Ball, Hard Stone, TM80 Rock Slide, Iron, PP Up, Revive, Dusk Stone, Rare Candy, Carbos


First thing you’ll notice: holy, moly, this cave is dark! Before you go anywhere, make sure you have TM Flash taught to a Pokemon. Then have that Pokemon use Flash to increase your vision. If you don’t have Flash, head on back to Castelia City to find it (it’s in Narrow Street).

Once you can see more than 10 centimetres ahead, run down and use Strength to shove the boulder right, then down into the hole below. If you missed HM Strength as well, it can be found in Nimbasa City, in the house north-west from the Pokemon Centre.

Having plugged the hole, walk over it and run right. There’s a Hiker stationed here, so prepare for battle if he catches you.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

There are plenty of Hikers in here who will battle you if they see you. They are sometimes blocking paths.

Pokemon Level Type
"Boldore" IconBoldore 34 Rock

On the Hiker’s right is another boulder that must be pushed right to create a crossing space. Past this boulder, head right, then up the steps ahead and continue going up until you reach yet another Hiker. These guys sure know how to get around…

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
"Drilbur" IconDrilbur 33 Ground
"Gurdurr" IconGurdurr 33 Fighting

Sneak to the right of the Hiker and grab the Max Repel lying around. Handy for avoiding battles, although you may want to not skip wild encounters until you find an "Axew" IconAxew. Next, head left from the Hiker to find steps leading left.

Go down them and use Strength to shove the boulder left, creating a shortcut back to the entrance. Now head back up the steps and, this time, go up to find a Hyper Potion . That’s it for this floor! Just before the steps, go down to find a large stairway to the right, leading up.

Floor 2F

No more trainers will harrass you from this point, but this cave is far from over. Drop down the steps to the right and have your muscular Pokemon use Strength to push the nearby boulder right, bridging the gap. Across the gap, go up the steps above and head right.

After leaping down the steps, head all the way up, ignoring the boulder for now. Climb up the steps at the end and run all the way left to claim TM80 Rock Slide . Now backtrack to the boulder from earlier and shove it left into the gap.

Head left and you’ll be in front of a large stairway leading up. While you’re here, you can also shove the boulder on your left to create a shortcut back to the entrance of this floor.

Guidance Chamber

Light! There’s glorious light! Run right and an old man will stop you to tell you about the Legendary Pokemon of yore. Apparently one of these Legendary Pokemon resides further in… When the story’s over, go up the steps nearby and head north-west until you spot a boulder to your south.

Summon your Strength again to push the boulder down (and the next one, if you feel like it), then head left up the steps and follow the left-most narrow path up. At the end you’ll come face to face with a Legendary Pokemon! Be brave… (and save your game.)

Legendary Pokemon: Cobalion

Cobalion is probably the first legendary Pokemon you’ll battle. Patience is key to catching it.

Pokemon Level Type
"Cobalion" IconCobalion 42 Steel/Fighting

Possibly the first Legendary Pokemon you will encounter and a bit of a monster at Level 42. With its combination of tough Steel and Fighting-type moves, you need to exercise extreme caution as you try and capture it. If you caught one from the sea, the Water/Ghost "Jellicent" IconJellicent would make a nice meatshield here.

The key to catching Legendary Pokemon, like any wild Pokemon, is patience–and lots of it. Definitely don’t do this when you’ve got 10 minutes before bedtime. You need to carefully whittle down the Pokemon’s HP, ideally in the red zone. Also apply a non-damaging status condition like Sleep or Paralyse.

A good tip is to have a Pokemon wtih False Swipe (obtained from Professor Juniper back in Nuvema Town), a move that guarantees the opposing Pokemon will be left with at least 1 HP. Much easier than second-guessing yourself and potentially KOing the Legendary by accident.

Once the Pokemon is at low enough HP, arm yourself with your best Poke Balls–usually Ultra Balls, but you can swap to Dusk Balls when it’s night or you’re in a cave (like now, wink ) or Timer Balls when you’ve spent a bazillion turns. …And cross your fingers!

After, hopefully, catching "Cobalion" IconCobalion, you will be able to encounter the other members of the Legendary trio: "Virizion" IconVirizion and "Terrakion" IconTerrakion. Right now Terrakion is hiding in Victory Road, but you can find Virizion straightaway, back in Pinwheel Forest .

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