Optional Objective/s
1. Kill fewer than five Royal Guards.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,000 £ Bonus: 150 £
XP: 500 XP Bonus: 150 XP
Gear: Outfits: Master Assassin (Evie)

Part 1: Vantage Point and Opportunities

This is the third core ‘assassination’ memory that we’ll come across in the main campaign and as such it is a little different from your standard level. The first thing that we need to do in the memory is to climb up to the vantage point located on the battlement of the Tower of London. Here we’ll get a set of three hints for the task ahead. Use the Eagle Vision ability after the pop up disappears to find and tag both opportunity icons. The options include:

  • **Allied Guard** – Unique Kill Opportunity.
  • **Constable** – Assistance Opportunity.
  • **Chief Yeoman** – Infiltration Opportunity.

As with the first two assassinations, it is not necessary to complete these tasks, you can do one, you can do all or you can do your own thing and do none of the above. Below is a short guide as to what each can do for you and how to accomplish their tasks. To continue with the walkthrough, jump down to the heading for **Part 2: Assassination Strategy** .

Climb the structure (left) and make your way to the viewpoint (right) to identify opportunities.

Allied Guard – Unique Kill Opportunity

The allied guard is located on the northern side of the compound. Speaking with him will give you a short task in which we need to hunt down and kill three Templars disguised as Royal Guards. Completing this task will unlock a unique kill. The guard will escort us in as a prisoner and take us directly to the assassination target for an easy kill.

Constable – Assistance Opportunity

The constable is locked inside a room within the building located in the southeast corner of the area. We’ll need to infiltrate the building and approach the door to talk with him. He’ll tell you one of the guards has the key to the door – you’ll need to sneak downstairs and either steal it from him or kill him and loot it from his corpse. Unlocking the door for the Constable will have him speak to the guards outside who’ll no longer be hostile. We can also recruit them as allies whilst fighting Templars.

Chief Yeoman – Infiltration Opportunity

We’ll find Chief Yeoman patrolling around the western courtyard. He has a Master Key which will unlock every openable door in the zone. This key will unlock the rooftop doors on the central tower, allowing you to sneak down and air assassinate our main target. To grab the key, you’ll need to sneak over and either steal it from him or kill him and loot it from his corpse. Note that he will count as one of the Royal guard so killing him will reduce the number you can kill for the optional objective by one.

Part 2: Assassination Strategy

Due to the lack of any real challenging optional objectives, we can do pretty much anything we want to complete this memory. As such, we’ve narrowed it down to three strategies to eliminate the target based on the three opportunities that the area provides for you. They include:

Option 01: The Master Key

The fastest way to get the assassination done is to run over and loot the master key from Chief Yeoman in the western courtyard. Once the Master Key has been acquired, you can Rope Launch your way up to the top of the central keep. Drop a smoke bomb close to one of the doorways and open it whilst you are protected from the smoke.

The master key can be found in the western courtyard (left). Follow the target until he is isolated (right) and pickpocket/kill and loot the key from him.

Climb down the stairs inside and work your way along the narrow corridor, using throwing knives, cover and assassinations to deal with the Templars in the immediate area. The corridor will empty out into a room overlooking a small library area where our target is working away at a desk. From the walkway here we can air assassinate her.

Option 02: The Allied Guard

By far the easiest way to complete this memory was to find the Allied Guard at the northern end of the compound and complete his sub-quest to kill the three Templars posing as Royal Guards. Whilst tracking down and killing them, if you get spotted by the Royal Guards - run for it (unless you don’t care about the optional objective). For an easier way to deal with the targets, hit them with throwing knives from elevated locations. The enemies we need to deal with can be found in the following locations:

  • In the northern end of the Western courtyard patrolling around in a regular pattern.
  • Patrolling from west to east along the street in front of the northernmost building. He’ll also hang out in the northeast corner of the map.
  • On the roof of the central structure.

Track down and kill the hidden Templars in the northeast corner of the map (left) and on top of the central structure (right).

Once you have eliminated all three, return to the allied guard.

After a brief conversation, you’ll undertake a reverse-kidnapping. It looks as if the allied guard has you prisoner, but you’ll still control where to go. Enter the central keep and work your way through the area using your usual kidnap techniques – walk slowly to reduce your detection radius, avoid coming into direct contact with enemies and try as best as you can to maneuver around patrollers and stationary guards.

Upon reaching the room with the target a scene will play. During the scene, hit the ‘assassinate’ button (X/Square) when prompted.

Option 03: The Constable

The other way to complete this assassination will take a little longer. Firstly, we’ll want to make the Royal Guards friendly. To do this, you’ll want to make your way over to the southeast corner of the map. Enter the building with the Constable here.

Sneak into the building, killing any Templars you come across until you reach the locked door with the constable inside. Interact with his door to get the side-mission to get the key. One of the Templars downstairs has the key. As such, sneak your way downstairs and eliminate the hostiles. Loot the key and return to the constable to open his door. Speak with him once the door is open and he’ll have a chat with the royal guards outside – they’ll no longer be hostile.

Enter the building on the southeast corner of the map (left). Sneak through the Templars inside to reach the door with the Constable (right).

We can now recruit the Royal Guards and either sneak through or assault the keep and fight through until you reach the assassination target.

Part 3: Escape the Area

After killing the target, we’ll then need to escape the area. Either sprint back through the keep, only fighting the enemies that you need to until you find yourself back outside (if the Constable was feed, you’ll find that he’s done a lot of the work for you) or climb up the stairs in the library room to find a spiral staircase leading to the roof.

Once we are outside of the main keep, we’ll need to make our way over to the boat indicated by the objective marker. Use your Rope Launcher to get there quickly and fairly enemy free!

Board the boat to end the Memory.

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