Optional Objective/s
1. Shoot and kill a Templar inside the flower’s pollen.
2. Neutralise a pursuing cart with the flower effect.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 800 £ Bonus: 125 £
XP: 700 XP Bonus: 150 XP
Gear: N/A.

Part 1: Investigate the Plants

This memory starts in the large park with the lake in Westminster and on the northern shore of said lake will be three objective markers that we’ll need to investigate.

Each of these three markers centers around a small plant giving off a noxious orange gas that will make the screen act a little funny if you stand in it. Standing in said gas however is what is required to complete the memory. To progress, you will have to move into each of the three clouds, find a small plant and interact with it to destroy it.

The closest pair of clouds – behind the gazebo near the start and by the end of the stone bridge crossing the pond are simple walk in and destroy the plant scenarios. The furthest cloud to the west however has three Templars standing in it.

There are three plants in the park (left). The third contains Templars who we can shoot for the optional objective (right).

This third cloud is where we can complete the optional objective. Make sure you have ammo first though (there are other Templars wandering the park you can kill and loot for ammo if necessary). When you are good to go, sneak into the cloud, pull out a gun and headshot one of the Templars (more than once if required) to kill him. This should complete the optional task and you’ll be freed up to finish off the final two bad guys.

Once you have destroyed all three plants your objectives will update.

Part 2: Hijack the Carriage

Follow Darwin as he wanders off along the lake. As you walk, you’ll see a carriage in the distance with that same orange gas take off.

Grab yourself a cart (there are a couple in the park) and follow your GPS line to catch up with the target vehicle. It should be noted that chasing said car from directly behind will put you in the path of the gas and will impact on your controls and ability to drive the cart, so try to stay to the sides!

When you do catch up with the target cart, hop on top of your own and jump across to the target vehicle to hijack it.

Once you are in control of the cart, drive it back to the objective marker at the northern end of the park so that Darwin can wrap his peepers around (take a look at) it.

Part 3: Carriage Chase

After picking up Darwin, he’ll place a new objective marker on the map for you. When you get about halfway to said marker, you’ll be attacked by a group of four hostile carriages that will spawn and attack from behind.

We’ll need to either neutralize all four of the carts following us or simply escape from their line of sight to become anonymous. It should be noted that as our current cart conveniently has the orange gas trail behind it, we can actually use this to disrupt the chasers. Simply maneuver the cart so that it is directly in front of one of the hostile carts for a few moments and it should come to a halt. Of course, you’ll only need to do that once for the optional objective – once you have that knocked over you can do your normal tactics of shooting and sideswiping until they are all down for the count or simply getting out of the area and losing them.

This will change your objectives once again.

Use the pollen to target pursuing carriages for the optional objective (left). After parking the carriage, shoot some dynamite (right) to blow it up.

Once you have lost or defeated the hostile carts, you’ll have a new objective marker. Simply drive the cart over to this area and park it in the indicated location. Ignite one of the explosive crates on the ground nearby and make a run for it.

As soon as the explosives go off, they should destroy the cart of doom and the memory will be complete.

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