Optional Objective/s
N/A - There are no optional objective/s in this memory.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 2,500 £ Bonus: N/A.
XP: 1,000 XP Bonus: N/A.
Gear: N/A.

Part 1: Street Investigation

This memory begins on the sidewalk outside of a factory in the southeastern portion of the City of London borough. After speaking with the fellow here to initiate the memory, head up the street to the east until you find the Street investigation area. In the search area beneath the crate you’ll find the body. Inspect it.

Checking out the body will result in four additional clues appearing in the surrounding area for us to find. Activate Eagle Vision to have them appear highlighted in gold to make things easier. You’ll want to inspect the following:

  • **Crate –** The one lying on the corpse!
  • **Ashton’s Agenda –** Located on the ground by the body.
  • **Watch –** Is found on the ground right next to the corpse.
  • **Tracks –** The set of footprints by the body.

Finding all five of the clues (body included) in the Street investigative zone will give us an additional search area – the Apple Stand. Before we head over there however, we should speak with Dr. Chester located near the body (inquire about: Ashton, Puncture, Pallor). This conversation will unlock a further three search locations – the Construction Site, Pub and Pharmacy.

As the Construction Site is right next to the body, lets head there first.

Part 2: Construction Site Investigation

The Construction Site investigation includes yet another pair of suspects, Frank and Eddie, whom we will deal with later. For now, let’s focus on finding the two clues hidden around the area. As per usual, activate Eagle Vision to identify them much quicker. You’ll want to inspect the following:

  • **Handbill –** At the top of the stairs leading from the Construction are to the street.
  • **Crane –** The Crane overlooking the street (and the body).

Inspect the body (left) and then the Construction Site (right).

Speak with the two suspects nearby and we’ll want to, as per usual, exhaust all possible conversation options. Communicate first with Frank (we’ll want to ask him about: Ashton, 1:17, Crane) and then with Eddie (ask him about: Ashton, Crane, Crushed Arm).

Return to the body and whip out your Eagle Vision and you’ll find a trail of footprints leading away from the crime scene. Follow this all the way to the end to the Apple Stand.

Part 3: Apple Stand Investigation

The Apple Stand search area is quite a small one. It contains a single clue and two persons of interest we can speak with – Mrs. Ashton and the Apple Seller. First up though, go and grab the clue – you’ll want to inspect:

  • **Apple –** On the ground next to Mrs. Ashton.

With the clue in hand speak with the nearby suspects – the Apple Seller (ask about: Ashton, Frank) and then Mrs. Ashton (ask about: Ashton, Hair). After the conversations, continue to follow the footprints around the corner and up the street until you reach the next search area – the Pub.

Part 4: The Pub Investigation

The Pub’s investigation zone includes another new suspects, Mr. Hendricks and also houses another two clues which we’ll have to locate. As per usual, activate Eagle Vision to make this task easier. You’ll want to inspect the following:

  • **Newspaper –** Located on a table just to the left of the entrance.
  • **Revolver –** Found discarded in a bin by the piano on the left side of the room.

After picking up both items of interest walk up and begin your interrogation of Mr. Hendricks (you’ll want to talk about: Ashton, Sabotage, Gun). After the conversation, exit the Pub and continue to follow the footprints around the corner and up the street until you reach the next search area – the Pharmacy.

Follow the footprints to the Apple Cart (left) and then to the Pub (right).

Part 5: The Pharmacy Investigation

The pharmacy search area has our final pair of suspects, Mr. Reece and Mary, whom we can speak with (although we’ll do that after finding the clues of course) and also features another three clues which we’ll need to discover. Again, activate Eagle Vision to make this task easier. You’ll want to inspect the following:

  • **Medicine Box –** On the footpath outside the Pharmacy.
  • **Pharmaceutical Cabinet –** The cabinet just inside the pharmacy and to the left.
  • **Letter –** On a small desk in the back right corner from the entrance.

With all of those clues in hand, it’s now time to speak with the nearby suspects. Talk with Mr. Reece first (we’ll want to ask him about: Ashton, Mary, Letter) and then mosey on over and chat with Mary (inquire about: Ashton).

Now that we have all the clues in the case all wrapped up, it’s time to re-speak with a few of our suspects for a little additional information. We can speak with the Apple Seller at the Apple Stand (ask about: Mary, Pallor) and Frank at the Construction site (ask about: Eddie).

At this point you’ll have all the clues at your disposal and will be able to choose and accuse one of the persons of interest. The answer is Mrs. Ashton at the Apple Stand.

Once you have accused correctly, the memory will be complete.

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