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Helldivers 2

Vehicles and Mechs in Helldivers 2

Scott Peers

It’s clear that there’s a big appetite for vehicles and mechs in Helldivers 2, and it’s not unreasonable for players to expect them in some form now that the game has made the jump from a top-down to a third-person perspective, bringing with it the potential for some truly spectacular bug-splattering scenes. Vehicles were especially popular in the first game, so it should be clear to Arrowhead Game Studios that players want to see them as soon as possible in the sequel. On this page, we’ll tell you everything we know about what to expect for vehicles and mechs with future updates.

Enemy mechs in Helldivers 2. Image credit: Sony.

Are Vehicles and Mechs Coming to Helldivers 2?

Mechs, or more specifically a mech suit is set to be released into the game in the next ypdate. However, there hasn’t been any suggestion or tease that larger vehicles will be coming down the line.

As the developers have other things to worry about in terms of fixing issues with server connections, lost XP and currency rewards, and responding to the (seemingly somewhat unexpected) massive groundswell of support for Helldivers 2. The developers are likely to be busy for the foreseeable future, but you’ll be glad to know that they’ve already hinted at the implementation of mechs which was confirmed in the State of Play gameplay trailer. A tweet shortly after the launch of the game on March 5, 2024, also confirmed that the mech is coming in the next update.

The trailer doesn’t show anything related to larger vehicles being introduced, but a good chunk at the end clearly reveals the use of a mech suit and shows it off a little. That’s as clear an indication that we can expect for mechs to form part of a feature update in the near future, but we’ll have to wait to see anything more related to vehicles. Still, there’s no reason not to expect both eventually, given how popular they were in the first game.

The vehicles will make traversing across planets and between mission objectives much easier, not to mention providing an escape route from angry Terminid hordes. Mechs are more suited to standing your ground and unleashing hell on the swarms with more powerful weaponry, so each has its own specific use case scenarios.

In the meantime, if you’re new to Helldivers 2 and want to learn more about some of the basics of gameplay as it currently exists, be sure to check the links below.

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