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Helldivers 2

How to Unlock The Hold My Liber-tea Achievement - Helldivers 2

Shane Williams

There are 38 Achievements in Helldivers 2 and a lot of them require you to perform some unique tasks in order to unlock them, such as Hold My Liber-tea! which requires you to knock yourself into a ragdoll state while using a Jump Pack. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to acquiring the Jump Pack and entering that ragdoll state!

The Hold My Liber-tea! Achievement is unlocked by hitting a ragdoll state with a Jump Pack.

Best Way to Unlock the Hold My Liber-tea Achievement

This Achievement may sound like an easy one to unlock, but you’ll first need to prepare for it by making sure you have the necessary tools on hand to make this as simple as possible.

Unlock the Jump Pack

You won’t be able to start attempting the Hold My Liber-tea! Achievement until you’ve unlocked the Jump Pack which can be done by heading over to the Ship Management screen and navigating to the Hangar Stratagems, where you will find it available for 6000 Credits. However, you’ll need to be level 8 before you can unlock it and you can easily reach this by grinding the single objective missions, such as the Upload Escape Pod Data or Terminate Illegal Broadcasts objectives. If you find yourself still struggling to reach this level then be sure to check out our handy Solo & Co-op Fast Leveling Tips page.

How to Enter a Ragdoll State in Helldivers 2

Once you’ve got your hands on a Jump Pack, enter any low-level mission so you don’t have to worry about the enemies and then fly yourself up into the air and into an object like a large rock to trigger the ragdoll state. However, there are many other ways to get this achievement, such as placing an impact grenade on the ground near your feet and flying up before it explodes, or having your teammate melee just before you land.

(1 of 2) Purchase the Jump Pack from the Ship Management Area

Purchase the Jump Pack from the Ship Management Area (left), and then hover over an impact grenade to hit a ragdoll state. (right)

For those looking for more of a challenge with this achievement, then you can also do it by having a Charger hit you as you fly up into the air. Chargers are an enemy that belongs to the Terminids faction so you’ll want to navigate to the currently available planets here until you see the “Eliminate Charger” mission objective. If you go down this route for the achievement, then you’ll have to defeat it afterwards, so be sure to check out our How To Kill Chargers page for tips!

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