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Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Best Ship Modules

Shane Williams

There are 18 Ship Modules to unlock in Helldivers 2 but each of them requires a lot of resources to obtain and a large portion of the community is a little confused as to what modules to unlock first. On this page, we’ll provide you with the best ship modules so you can avoid wasting your resources.

Some Ship Modules can give you a huge advantage on the battlefield.

Best Five Ship Modules

You can start unlocking ship modules relatively early on via the ship management system but some of them require a lot of resources which are obtained by farming missions, so we have provided you a list of what we think are the best five ship modules in the game to get you started.

Expanded Weapons Bay

Eagle Stratagems are extremely powerful and are good at both clearing out large groups of bugs and dealing with heavily armored enemies, but you are limited to the amount you can use in between rearms which is a very long cooldown. So, you’ll want to unlock the Expanded Weapons Bay from the Hangar, as this will increase the uses by one which is extremely useful on the harder difficulties. Unlocking this will also provide you with the Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit and Pit Crew Hazard Pay Ship Modules which massively decreases the cooldown and rearm time as well.

Advanced Construction

Sentry Stratagems is a very useful tool as it’ll assist you with clearing out some of the enemies and it has the potential to take their attention off you and give you time to reload and heal up. However, these turrets can be destroyed very quickly so we recommend that you unlock Advanced Construction from the Engineering Bay, as it’ll increase the health of turrets by 50% meaning they’ll be active for longer. Additionally, you’ll unlock the Synthetic Supplementation Ship Module alongside this which will reduce the Sentry Stratagems cooldown time by 10%.

Donation License

Support Weapons are the strongest type of weaponry you can use against the Terminid and Automaton but they have a long cooldown and not much ammunition, Still, you’ll want to unlock The Donation License from the Patriotic Administration Centre for 60 Common Samples. This will increase the maximum number of carriable magazines for Support Weapons, such as the Stalwart, Railgun, Grenade Launcher, and more.

Targeting Software Upgrade

Orbital Stratagems are also extremely powerful against heavily armored opponents but with the deployment time being so slow the chances of your enemy getting away and missing your shot is very likely, so you’ll want to grab the Targeting Software Upgrade from the Bridge as it’ll reduce the deployment time by 1 second.

Rapid Launch System

There are going to be occasions on the harder difficulties where you’re very low on health and having the ability to instantaneously spawn in certain stratagems could give you the advantage. You’ll want to unlock the Rapid Launch System Engineering as this will remove the deployment time for Emplacement Stratagems, such as the Shield Generator Relay.

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