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Helldivers 2

What to expect from The Illuminate enemies in Helldivers 2

Echo Apsey

Both the Terminids and the Automatons are terrifying forces of destruction in Helldivers 2. Veterans who jumped into the original Helldivers back in the day, however, know an even more terrifying enemy awaits: The Illuminate. This advanced civilization that has survived for several hundred thousand years is more advanced than anything else in Helldivers 2 right now. So, what can you expect from Helldivers 2’s Illuminate enemies when they arrive in the PS5 and PC shooter?

Well, after the events of the original Helldivers, we have reached the point where we can use The Illuminate’s technology after dismantling them. Remnants of the civilization still lurk out in the stars and it looks like they are set to return.

Helldivers 2 Illuminate Enemies

When The Illuminate returns to Helldivers 2, we can expect all the existing enemy types to come back:

Enemy Category
Observer Scout
Watcher Scout
Obsidian Observer Scout
Tripod Infantry
Hunter Infantry
Apprentice Infantry
Outcast Infantry
Strider Infantry
Obelisk Tank
Illusionist Elite
Council Member Elite
Great Eye Master

You can see a more detailed breakdown of each enemy type below:

The Observer is one of the easiest Illuminate enemies to defeat.


One of the weaker forces in The Illuminate’s army, the Observer is a scout equipped with a cloaking device. Its goal is to keep watch on the civilization and is used in battles to scout out enemy forces.

Watchers aren’t too different from their less armored allies.


The Watcher functionally is identical to the Observer. However, it has more armor than its fellow combatant and therefore is a little harder to defeat.

The Obsidian Observer can fight back against the Helldivers.

Obsidian Observer

Equipped with weapons, this scout reinforcement can deal damage against the Helldivers, on top of providing the reconnaissance abilities of the regular Observers and Watchers.

The Tripod is the basic force in the Illuminate’s army.


Equipped with energy shields, the Illuminate’s Tripods can easily subdue Helldivers with their electro-static technology. You will also have to break through their shields to do any real damage.

The Hunter is a tough, heavily armored enemy.


Utilizing both stealth and trooper tactics, the Hunter uses long-range energy weapons to vaporize targets. Usually, they can be found patrolling on their own.

The Apprentice is a melee version of the Hunter.


Instead of patrolling alone, the Apprentice tends to move in packs and ambush its enemies with melee attacks after its allies incapacitate them.

Outcasts can enshroud themselves and creep up on The Illuminate’s enemies.


Shamed by society, the Outcast has been forced to hide with its cloaking field and armed with only melee weapons. They can easily catch Helldivers off guard.

As a heavier variant of the Tripods, the Striders are even more of a force to be reckoned with.


As one of the heavy infantry forces within The Illuminate, they often break formations to perform their own attacks and cripple Helldivers from afar.

As the only tank option within The Illuminate’s army, the Obelisk should be a priority target on the field for Helldivers.


This shielded dome is capable of self-teleportation and projecting a strong energy wall that only Illuminate forces can pass through. However, it can be weakened by hitting its core when it is projecting its shield.

The Illusionists server an important purpose for the Illuminate - to disorient Helldivers in battle.


Highly revered amongst the Illuminate society, the Illusionists can control other beings with their technology. Using homing orbs, they can cause Helldivers to hallucinate on the battlefield and protect themselves well with a shield.

Council Members are the puppet masters of the battlefield, with increased protection and defended well when engaged in a battle.

Council Member

With increased armor, shields, and power, the Council Members are the highest-ranking reinforcements in the Illuminate’s army. They can fire homing projectiles at Helldivers, causing player controls to be reversed temporarily and disabling stratagems.

The Great Eye is a unique enemy type unlike anything else in The Illuminate’s army.

Great Eye

The Great Eye is a large AI creature monitoring The Illuminate’s actions and correcting discrepancies in their behavior. They have an immense amount of health and are packed with some extremely high-damage weapons.

When will The Illuminate arrive in Helldivers 2?

The Illuminate seems poised to return to the Galactic War in Helldivers 2 in the next few months after the game’s initial launch. A broadcast in your ship has the news headline “rumors of Illuminate sightings” with the claim by the Government that it is the “work of dissidents”, which suggests a propaganda campaign has been put in place to avoid panic on Super Earth and within the Helldivers army. After all, the faction was never completely destroyed.

The report is brief, but can be spotted in your ship on the giant screen.

That covers everything you need to know about the Illuminate enemies in Helldivers 2. For even more on the enemy types currently available in the game, check out our rundown of the Helldivers 2 enemy list and weaknesses so you can effectively take down the Terminids and Automatons.

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