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Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Shane Williams

There are 39 Achievements/Trophies in Helldivers 2 and these consist of (in the case of Trophies) 24 Bronze, 11 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum. Acquiring the Platinum Trophy isn’t overly difficult but will require a lot of grinding. On this page, we’ll provide you with tips on how to get all of the Achievements as efficiently as possible.

There are 39 Achievements to obtain in Helldivers 2.

Step 1 - Collect Samples and Unlock All Ship Modules

One of the grindiest elements of getting the Platinum trophy or collecting all of the achievements are the ones for reaching max rank on one ship module and upgrading all ship modules to at least 1 level for the Fully operational and Ship it!. This will require 500+ Common, 100+ Rare, and 5+ Super Samples, and some of these can only be found on the Suicide Difficulty so you’ll need to acquire better stratagems from the ship management system and stronger weapons from the battle pass before you’ll be able to do this. Samples can typically be found near craters or by visiting minor points of interest.

Step 2 - Complete Challenge Related Achievements

Once you’re done acquiring Samples, you’ll want to move on to the challenge-related achievements/trophies that you haven’t already obtained automatically. A lot of these can be acquired naturally by just playing, but some of them will require some actual preparation, such as the Hold My Liber-tea!, Caught them by Supplies!, and That which does not kill you...

Hold My Liber-tea!

The Hold My Liber-tea! trophy/achievement will require you to use a jump pack and knock yourself into a ragdoll state, and you can do so easily by following the tips on our How to Unlock The Hold My Liber-tea Achievement page.

Caught them by Supplies!

The Caught them by Supplies! trophy/achievement will require you to kill a charger via a resupply drop, and you can do so easily by heading to our How to Get The Caught Them By Supplies Achievement page.

That which does not kill you…

The That which does not kill you… trophy/achievement will require you to have all of your limbs injured at the same time, and should you be looking for assistance on it, check out our How to Get The That Which Does Not Kill You… Achievement page.

Step 3 - Complete Difficulty Related Achievements

Once you’ve got a good setup that you’re comfortable with then it’s time to take on the hardest part of collecting the rest of achievements and getting the Platinum trophy, and that’s completing the difficulty related trophy/achievements, such as Hell Dive, Hold my primary, I'm going in!, Gone in 360 seconds!, and Extractamundo!. We recommend that you do the majority of these in a squad and you can find a lot of players willing to help by checking out our LFG Discord for Helldivers 2 page.

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