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How to Unlock Boosters in Helldivers 2

Shane Williams

Many different types of boosters are at your disposal are at your disposal in Helldivers 2 (seven to be exact at launch), but the game doesn’t do a great job of telling you how to unlock them. On this page, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to building out your arsenal and unlocking boosters.

There are seven boosters available in Helldivers 2.

Unlocking Boosters in Helldivers 2

Unfortunately, there aren’t any starting boosters in Helldivers 2, so you’ll need to purchase them via the free ‘Helldivers Mobilize!’ or the premium ‘Steeled Veterans’ battle pass which can be found in the Acquisitions menu in-game. These will require Warbond Medals which you can acquire naturally by completing missions, but if you complete the sub-objectives within missions, such as Realigning Radar Towers then you’ll be rewarded more per mission. If you’re struggling to earn warbond medals quickly, then be sure to check out our Best Helldivers 2 Medal Farm page for some tips!

All Boosters in Helldivers 2

There are seven boosters available with six being in the free ‘Helldivers Mobilize!’ and one being in the premium ‘Steeled Veterans’.

Name Effect Battle Pass
Hellpod Space Optimization Helldivers come out of the Hellpod fully stocked on Ammo, Grenades and Stims Helldivers Mobilize!
Vitality Enhancement Allows all Helldivers to resist injury Helldivers Mobilize!
UAV Recon Booster Increases all Helldivers’ effective radar range Helldivers Mobilize!
Stamina Enhancement Increases all Helldivers’ stamina capacity and recovery Helldivers Mobilize!
Muscle Enhancement Allows Helldivers to traverse difficult terrain with ease Helldivers Mobilize!
Increased Reinforcement Budget Increases the number of available reinforcements Helldivers Mobilize!
Flexible Reinforcement Budget Reduces time until new reinforcements are granted once they’ve been depleted Steeled Veterans

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