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Manor Lords

Plans For A Multiplayer Mode Are Low Priority

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ multiplayer mode is one of the most frequently asked questions for solo developer, Slavic Magic. And, the answer is that they have always wanted to add multiplayer to Manor Lords. However, it is not something you should expect for a while, even with the looming Early Access Launch.

Manor Lords has plans for multiplayer, but many other features are prioritised for now. Image via SlavicMagic/Hooded Horse.

In essence, Manor Lords has always had the design of being a multiplayer game in mind. In the original Reddit QNA circa 2019, multiplayer was something on the back of the dev’s mind. The multiplayer component is also taking a back seat while the devs work on improving the single-player experience as revealed in the Manor Lords discord FAQ channel, addressing Early Access launch.

“I want to polish the single-player experience first” - SlavicMagic

In Summary:

  • Manor Lords is somewhat coded with multiplayer in mind.
  • Single-player experience and polish come first through Early Access.
  • Complicated features are likely to arrive post-v1.0.

As it currently stands, Manor Lords is entering Early Access and everything you see in the announcement trailer is going to be in for launch. However, there are much more pressing matters to look into. The core game design improvement will include new and improved features like AI villages, barons, diplomacy improvements, better combat, horses, and other necessary features for the game’s early access launch.

SlavicMagic also mentioned that the more in-depth and complicated features, such as modding are on the back foot. Pretty much anything extremely complicated will come post-version 1.0. That’s not to say that multiplayer is also lumped into that, but it seems very plausible. SlavicMagic also stated on the Manor Lords discord that there were no core functionality improvements to the multiplayer side of the game when asked about it in 2024. Again, all work being done is about getting the game into an early access shape and then improving on those foundations. It all goes back to polishing the single-layer experience first mantra.

The solo dev of Manor Lords confesses that the game has always had multiplayer in mind, but it is a very time intensive project.

The other issue is that the game is designed largely with all-on-one map gameplay. Both city building and RTS battles play on the same map at the same moment. In addition, the game functions on control speeds, pathing, and other aspects. Getting multiplayer to work will require a lot of time testing game speeds, desync, and other issues. If you’ve played old Paradox multiplayer games or the Rimworld Multiplayer mod, you’ll get an idea of how this can go wrong.

Don’t expect the Manor Lords multiplayer to drop anytime soon. However, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it is still coming. You’re best keeping a closer eye on an official multiplayer announcement, but the dream still lives on.

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