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Manor Lords

Getting and Making Ale

Craig Robinson

Ale is an important mid to late-game resource in Manor Lords, as it is vital to happiness and approval rating for level 3 burgage plots, and required for upgrading to level 3 burgage plots. You’ll need to supply taverns with ale to hit those approval rating metrics. Yet, there’s a challenge with ale, as you are going to need lots of it. So, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about getting ale, featuring farming strategies, or methods involving trade and production.

Here is everything you need to know about getting and making ale in Manor Lords.

Making Ale And Farming Strategy

To create ale in Manor Lords, you will need:

  • Barley farms
  • Build a malthouse with at least one family employed there
  • A brewery extension built onto a level 2 burgage plot

The process of creating ale begins at the farm. You need to grow barley and harvest it. Check for the best barley farming spots using the barley fertilization overlay and create fields at those locations. You’ll want to grow between 300-500 for populations between 70-250 people to ensure you have enough ale year-round.

There are better calculations to predict your supply and demand of ale in your settlement. Multiply your population by 0.25 to get a rough impression of how much ale you will need a month. For a more accurate range, try multiplying by 0.2 and 0.35 to get the minimum and maximum amount of ale you need monthly to serve your settlements each month properly. The range depends on tavern distance to residential buildings, supply of ale to the tavern, and considers winter boredom when citizens are more likely to be idle.

You will need to produce lots of barley to supply the need of Malts for Ales, and Ales for Taverns.

From then on, you need a malthouse. Malthouses take the barley you grow and turn them into malts. One family can turn enough barley into malt for three different breweries to use that month. You can build a malthouse by going to the industries building menu.

Now, the last thing you need are brewery extensions. From our experience with the game, a brewery can make around 13 ales a month. The number slightly depends on how good your logistics are though. Take the calculation of how much ale you need a month and then divide it by 13. This will give you an impression of how many brewers you need in your settlement to supply a tavern with Ale.

After that, all you need is to build the tavern from the residential building menu and employ a family to get started. Families will serve the tavern, and distribute ale from logistics to the tavern. You may need 1 or two families in there to get started as it is very easy for tavern pantries to take a beating consistently.

Importing Ale Strategy

Trade strategies are viable way to get ale, as you make the base crafts and the luxury item itself much more affordable.

The other method to get ale in Manor Lords is to import it. However, the import fees at a baseline level cost 18 regional wealth. This is a lot of money for a single ale. If you intend on importing it, we recommend you do the following:

  • Unlock the Trade Logistics development
  • Unlock the Better Deals Development
  • Sell your surplus items of what you’re already making to fund your ale or other industries’ stock to produce it yourself for profit.

You can get two key types of research called Trade Logistics and Better Deals. These two pieces of technology enable a trade strategy to fund your tavern, rather than lots of manpower and farmland. However, it means spending both of your early game development points from small and medium village milestones to start this strategy.

Trade Logistics lower the amount needed to open a trade route for an item to a maximum cost of 25. Some trade routes can go into the hundreds, which saves you lots of money. The other one is Better Deals, which reduces the cost of each item by 10 wealth. This means that ale costs 8 instead of 18 wealth, which is a dramatic reduction in price. The same is said for malts, which will now cost four wealth, and barley that now costs two each. If you don’t want to faff around with managing a large farmer workforce, you can instead focus on trading barley at a dirt-cheap rate and run the production yourself.

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