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Manor Lords

Getting and Crafting Cloaks

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ commodities system is a list of resources that your settlement can enjoy for item variety and improved lifestyles. As you start advancing closer toward being a small town, you will need to start manufacturing a variety of items to gain more and more commodities. One of the commodities that your citizens will demand is the Cloak item. To make cloaks in Manor Lords, you will need a Tailor, Yarn and Dyes. Here’s a closer look at the steps you need to craft the cloaks your citizens demand.

Cloaks are an item that players can craft at a Tailors Burgae Plot. Here’s the process to get Cloaks in Manor Lords, so you can produce them yourself.

Crafting Cloaks

To begin crafting Cloaks in Manor Lords, you need the following requirements:

  • Dye
  • Yarn
  • A Tailor Burgage Plot

Before you can even begin crafting Cloaks, you need to create a Tailor Workshop in a Level 2 Burgage Plot with the space for an Extension. When you reach that point in the game, you can then select the extension and choose the Tailoring option. It will cost 5 Regional Wealth and 5 Planks to install. Now that you have a tailor, you can then click on the clothing option you want to make. Click on the Tailor’s building, then select the ‘General’ Tab. You can now select the Cloaks option and that artisan family will output cloaks. Ignore Gambesons and Clothes for now.

Now, you need to acquire the right materials. You need one Dye and one Yarn to craft cloaks. Both of these materials are refined from raw materials.

To create Yarn, you need the following requirements:

  • Sheep and a Sheep Farm employee
  • Weaver Workshop

Any Sheep you have in your settlement will passively grow Wool, which your Sheep Farm will start harvesting when a Sheep is ready to be sheered. The more sheep you have the better your supply of wool. This wool can then be crafted into Yarn at a Weaver Workshop. The Yarn then goes to Tailors for further refining alongside Clothing Stalls at Marketplaces for trade. We recommend purchasing lots of Sheep and setting them out to pasture so you can get lots of Wool over time. You can buy Wool and Yarn too from a Trading Post if you don’t have access to Sheep.

(1 of 2) Weaver Workshops allow players to turn Wool into Yarn, and Flax into Linen. Both are important for crafting Clothes and Cloaks in Manor Lords.

Weaver Workshops allow players to turn Wool into Yarn, and Flax into Linen. Both are important for crafting Clothes and Cloaks in Manor Lords. (left), Dye Workshops enable players to turn berries into dyes, used in crafting commodities like Clothes and Cloaks in Manor Lords. (right)

As for Dyes, you need the following:

  • A steady supply of Berries
  • Dyer’s Workshop

Make sure you have a steady supply of berries, likely through the Forager’s Hut and having someone work the seasonal growing period at all times. You may need to import berries to offset some of the supply issues that come with limited growing periods, or take the Forest Management Development research to double berry output. Once you have berries, your Dye Workshop will turn berries into Dye, for later use in crafting at a Tailors.
With both items now part of your Storehouse, your Tailor will naturally gather the materials and start crafting cloaks.

The other method of getting Cloaks is by going to the Trading Post, and then purchasing Cloaks. However, it costs 18 Region Wealth to import Cloaks. This is expensive over time, so if you only need a small amount of Cloaks on the Marketplace feel free to buy some on the side.

This concludes everything you need to know about getting cloaks, crafting them and purchasing them in Manor Lords.

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