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Manor Lords

Apiaries and Honey

Craig Robinson

Honey is one of the food types in Manor Lords that offer players a food variety to appease their population. To get honey in Manor Lords, players need a special development that unlocks the apiary, a food production building dedicated to producing honey. The following is a full breakdown of unlocking and building the apiary and producing honey.

Apiaries and beehives are needed for honey.

Getting Honey From the Apiary

To get honey from the apiary, you need to do the following:

  1. Spend a Development point on unlocking Beekeeping.
  2. Build the Apiary in your settlement from the gathering building menu. You need two planks to build one.
  3. You can have up to two apiaries in one settlement.
  4. Hire up to four workers to produce honey at an apiary.

As mentioned, honey making is locked behind the beekeeping development under the forestry development tree. You can get beekeeping as one of your first developments for your settlement if you want to.

You need to get the beekeeping development to start making honey in Manor Lords. You can also import it from the trading post if you wish.

And yes, that is a very small amount of honey. Honey is perhaps the most poor output source of food and hardly worth it for sustenance. However, honey is a very powerful source of food variety. Getting honey in your food supply fairly consistently will offer citizens a huge approval rating boost to food variety. So, it’s worth having it trickle to various marketplaces around large towns. It’s also very good for approval rating boost in new settlements you claim so you can start growing the population very quickly.

The ideal way of making honey yourself is to get it early on, and then invest spare population in late-game settlements for the variety and approval rating buff. Again, you’re largely doing it for late game approval buffs. Which you can use to tax your citizens for the treasury or get more families to build large armies with.

Honey from Trading

Outside of that, you can get honey from the trading post. The Trading Post will sell Honey for 13 each. If you get the Better Deals development, it will instead cost 3 regional wealth each. This is a fantastic purchase opportunity to feed your people with cheap food, while getting the maximum gain from approval and food variety. It’s another tactic we recommend running if you take developments in trade.

However, paying 13 regional wealth is something that only very prosperous large settlements should do if you do not take Better Deals development. There’s simply more important resources in the mid and late-game. Honey is very much a luxury resource for food and should only come later on when you’re already succeeding. Not to mention there are lots of other easily acquired foods like eggs, bread and vegetables being your key items. Apples are also fairly consistent once you develop them in burgage plots and choose to unlock the orchard development. Berries can also be somewhat useful too for that. With that said, these are currently the only strategies we recommend for getting honey in the game.

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