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Manor Lords

Fixing Lack of Entertainment Issues

Craig Robinson

One of the final needs of your burgage plots is to correct the lack of entertainment. You’ll need to solve the lack of entertainment issue in Manor Lords if you intend on taking your burgage plots to level 3. Furthermore, you need to maintain tavern supply to maintain that entertainment for your level 3 burgage plots. You’ve got quite the challenge ahead of you, which we aim to assist you with here.

The tavern fixes your lack of entertainment issues in Manor Lords.

Addressing The Lack of Entertainment Issues

Okay, to sort the entertainment issue out, you will need to do the following:

  1. Build a Tavern.
  2. Employ a family at the tavern.
  3. Acquire Ale.
  4. You can make ale by growing barley, and processing it into malts at the Malthouse.
  5. Turn a burgage plot into a brewery. Brewers turn malts into ales.
  6. Ales are then sent to the tavern for consumption.

In general, the instructions above are how you deal with the entertainment needs in Manor Lords. Yet, the situation is a bit more complicated. As mentioned, you need to build a Tavern. You can find taverns in the residential building menu, and place one down where you have dense housing spaces.

When the tavern is built, employ a family, and the tavern opens up. But, from then on, you need to constantly supply ale to the building. You need to start importing ale, or growing barley and making ale yourself via malthouses and brewers in burgage plot extensions. Keep in mind importing ale is expensive, unless you take the ‘Better Deals’ development.

For a bit of maths, you need one ale per family in the settlement per month. So, multiply your family population by 12, and you’ll get an idea of how much ale you need to make a year. So, you can grow enough barley each year to meet that quota. From then on, you need to calculate how many brewers you need. Each brewer can make around 13 ale a month, depending on logistics. Divide your family numbers by 13 to get an idea of how many brewer families you need.

Keep in mind a brewery with an additional living space counts as 2 brewer families, meaning that the plot makes around 26 ale a month. As long as you have enough brewers, you’ll process enough ale a month to meet your monthly needs, presuming barley imports and growth maintains trajectory.

With the tavern supply math complete, you should no longer have issues with the lack of entertainment approval penalty in your higher-level burgage plots. You can now maintain your approval rating with ale and entertainment, and continue advancing towards those late-game settlement levels and beyond.

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