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Manor Lords

Sheep Farming Guide

Craig Robinson

Sheep farming is one of the strategies players can run in Manor Lords. This strategy allows you to get lots of wool, which can then turn into yarn, helpful for self-sufficient industries, and trading. It also helps you with improving your fallowing fertilization, which is incredibly good for a heavy farmer playstyles. If you’re looking for either a trading or farming focus playstyle, then sheep farming in Manor Lords is something you want to do. Here’s the lowdown of what to expect with this strategy.

Here are all the benefits of making a sheep farming strategy in Manor Lords.

Farming Strategy

There are many benefits with running a sheep farming strategy:

  • Farming playstyles can get the sheep breeding and fertilization technology to increase fertilization recovery across lots of farms
  • Self-sufficient wool into yarn and cloaks for exporting for profit

Let us start with the farming strategy. When you take sheep breeding and fertilization, you’re inviting yourself to an incredible farming playstyle. Fertilization allows you to upgrade farming fields to have fences and doing so enables sheep to pasture on fallow fields, along with helping to further improve fertilization recovery rates. It allows your farms to be healthier and need fewer fallowed seasons to recover.

The other benefit is that when you can accumulate lots of sheep, you can snowball your population with lambs. The growing pasture population then spread to more and more fallowed farms, allowing you to have very large farms with little fear of fertilization failure.

To get started here, buy around 30 sheep, and watch as your sheep and lamb population explodes over the coming years.

The other benefit is the trade. Wool is harvested at a sheep farm, which then turns into yarn at a weaver’s workshop. From there, you can sell it for profit easily, or combine yarn and dyes to make cloaks at a tailor’s extension at a burgage plot. There’s even more money there to be made and doing both will satisfy your clothing stall needs. You can even sell your surplus sheep and lambs at the livestock trading post if you want for more money on the side.

Getting Sheep and Lambs

You can get sheep in Manor Lords by purchasing them from the livestock trading post.

Sheep and lambs are both purchased from the livestock trading post building. Import the ones you need and set a stockpile limit on how many you want. You’ll typically get a sheep or a lamb for around 20/30 wealth each.

Again, if you take the sheep breeding development, you can then get lambs passively over time. These then turn into sheep after around 2-3 years. Outside of those two methods, there are no other ways of getting sheep and lamb in Manor Lords.

When you get sheep and lambs, you then need to pasture them. You can get pasture space from the special pasture plot in the farming building menu. Alternatively, the sheep farm building grants some pasture space, as does the livestock trading post. However, you will need large pasture for large sheep farming needs

When you’re ready to commit to the strategy, build a sheep farm, as that allows your families to sheer sheep when they are ready for the wool. This concludes everything you need to know about Sheep farming in Manor Lords. Good luck with your Welsh playthrough.

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