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Manor Lords

Wheat Farm Location Tips

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ Wheat farms are one of the more frequent farm types players create. Growing Wheat, turning it into Grain at a farmer’s house, then Flour at a Windmill is important for village life. From there, that Flour can be traded as food, and then later turned into Bread in a Communal Oven. This will carry your population’s happiness for meal variates, and be an excellent source of food for the winter stockpiles. It is therefore only natural you want to make the most efficient farms to grow Wheat. However, there is no clear indicator of the best Wheat farm locations in Manor Lords, which is something we can assist with.

Here is everything you need to know about creating great Wheat Farms in Manor Lords.

Best Places for What Farms

If you want to grow Wheat as efficiently as possible, these are the best tips for finding fantastic Wheat farming locations in Manor Lords:

  1. Check the overlays for green areas for Barley, Rye, and Emmer
  2. The further uphill the farm is, the better it is for Wheat
  3. Underground water sources seem to negatively affect wheat farming. Perhaps a red herring though

From our experience, using overlays and finding overlap between Barley, Rye, and Emmer crops tend to indicate the best farming zones for Wheat. Note that Emmer is a form of wheat, so Emmer is your main overlay to use. However, placing Wheat farms in places great for Flax is worse for Wheat given our experience.

Furthermore, we’ve noticed that the further up a hill a Wheat farm is, the better the fertility percentage is for Wheat. You can get an idea of the topography via the red lines that appear on the terrain when placing constructions marks from the build menu. You can also zoom your camera into the ground and check for elevation rising and falling the old-fashioned way.

Combining both our Wheat farming location tips, we’ve seen a high of 62% base fertility for Wheat. This is quite high, and perhaps the highest you get until you unlock fertilization technology and can fallow fields. You should be able to make some great Wheat farms using this strategy in Manor Lords.

Higher hill farms with great fertility for Emmer, Barley and Rye make great Wheat farming locations in Manor Lords.

The other thing we’ve noticed is that if water runs underneath, it seems to lower the percentage somewhat. A small test we ran revealed a slight percentage difference between two very high hill farms for Wheat. There could be other factors at play, but we figured it was worth mentioning in case.

Also, note that the early access map often generates slightly different for each playthrough. You may find your farms may be better or slightly worse using these tips. With that said, these are the best tips for Wheat farming locations in Manor Lords we’ve found so far.

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