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Manor Lords

How Mercenaries Work

Craig Robinson

Mercenaries in Manor Lords are a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ force. You can recruit sellswords who will fight for you, or other leaders who are happy to pay their cost. When you get one, you’ll recruit a sizable task force to use for your battles while the contract lasts. Here’s a closer look at how to recruit mercenaries and what to expect from them.

Here is a closer look at how to recruit mercenaries in Manor Lords, and tips on how to best use and manage them.

Recruiting Mercenaries

If you need to recruit Mercenaries in Manor Lords, then you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Click the army button
  2. Create a new unit
  3. Press the Hire Mercenary button on the right
  4. Select the available mercenary army you’re interested in
  5. Hover over the available mercenary to get details on what units it as, stats, and more
  6. Hire the mercenary for the contracted price

When you agree to a contract with a mercenary band, you will hire the exact amount of units it gives you for an undisclosed period of time. Every month you have that mercenary on hire, it will eat the agreed cost per month. Mercenary armies can range between 30 to 90 personal wealth per month of service.

Keep in mind that personal wealth is accumulated once you have built a manor and set taxation policies. It is very different from regional wealth, which is what your town uses to trade goods and buy stocks.

Open up the mercenary menu by going to the army panel and selecting the coin icon. This brings you to the hire mercenaries menu to recruit a sellsword army.

When you have your mercenaries, they will arrive at the price specified when looking at he mercenary menu. You will then need to move them to the region of the map you want them to be at. Move them like you would any RTS (Real Time Strategy) and they shall fulfill their orders.

If the mercenary army does not arrive at your region name, you will need to do some longer-term planning to use your merc army effectively. It is very easy to run low on personal wealth while transporting armies across the map if you don’t plan properly.

Typically, the mercenary armies will often contain the right equipment, alongside wearing mail armor. This makes them particularly defensive and sturdy on the battlefield. This typically applies to professional mercenary armies that are most costly. You can hire bandit groups among the mercenary army list sometimes, but these often contain lower tier armor and more basic weapons. It’s something to consider if you need good troops in your army or cheap units to send to their deaths so your population does not have to die.

This concludes the basics of recruiting and how to use mercenaries in Manor Lords. Hopefully, these recruitment and general tips on paying and managing mercenaries help you in the conflicts to come.

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