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Manor Lords

Research Guide: Getting Development Points & Research Tree

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ Development Points is a feature that acts as a research tree currency and is tied behind the settlement level system. TO participate with research, you will need to upgrade your Burgage Plots, and from there, reach new settlement levels. Here’s everything you need to know about getting Development Points and progressing in Manor Lords.

Getting Development Points

You need to increase your settlement level to get Development Points in Manor Lords. To reach the next settlement level, you will have to do the following:

  • Small Village: 5x Level 1 Burgage Plots
  • Medium Village: 5x Level 1, 2x Level 2 Burgage Plots
  • Large Village: 10x Level 1, 5x Level 2
  • Small Town: 10x Level 1, 7x Level 2, 3x Level 3
  • Medium Town: 10x Level 1, 10x Level 2, 10x Level 3
  • Large Town: 30x level 1, 20x level 2 , and 15x level 3.

To increase the levels of Burgage Plots, you’ll need to spend time fulfilling the needs of the residents. To do so, click on any Burgage Plot in question, and then check the needs of the building’s residents.

(1 of 2) Check on any Burgage Plot in your settlement. It will tell you what it needs to go up a level helping you get closer to the settlement level increase for more Development Points.

Check on any Burgage Plot in your settlement. It will tell you what it needs to go up a level helping you get closer to the settlement level increase for more Development Points. (left), Hover over your settlement’s region name. It should tell you what you how many Burgage Plot level-ups are needed for the next Development Token. (right)

You should find there are details on Amenities and Market Supply needs under each household. Typically, you’ll need amenities like a church and a water supply from a well in range. Market Supply satisfaction comes from market stalls set up in marketplaces that offer various goods. Marketplaces need stalls that serve firewood, food, and clothing. The amount required and the specific types depend on the settlement level.

You can tell you’ve reached your level up goal when the empty diamond shape is filled (see the image above for reference on completed and uncompleted tasks). In the event of there being a second diamond pip next to the requirement, then it needs a second source of those materials. For example, if you have two diamonds next to food source, then it means you need two different types of meals for sale. This can be the sale of meat, bread, and berries will need to be part of your food production cycle. If there are two for clothing, then you need leather, wool, linen materials, etc. Complete the tasks, level up your housing, and then level up your settlement level for development tokens.

Spending Development Points

Once you have a Development Point, you will need to click on the name of the settlement at the top of your HUD. This opens the tech tree, allowing you to spend a point on that settlement. Select any tier-one research from any research tab, and it will unlock a bonus for that region. You’ll find more technologies deeper in the tree for future Development Point unlocks.

You need to specify each region with different Developments. Therefore, getting Development Points is limited to promoting specializations within your empire.

Due to the limited amount and localized technology, it means you want to hone your settlement on certain technologies. These tech types are as follows:

  1. Farming
  2. Forestry
  3. Smithing and Mining
  4. Trading

Keep this in mind as you advance more settlements to the next level, and you work out what technology you want your settlements to focus on. This concludes the basics of what to expect from Development Points in Manor Lords and how research works.

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