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Manor Lords

Getting and Making Leather

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ leather resource is one of the materials used at clothing stalls and is necessary for producing shoes and other goods. You’ll need to get yourself hides and process them at a tannery to make leathers. To help you with the process, here’s a closer look at getting leather in Manor Lords and the steps for reaching the goal.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know to get leather in Manor Lords.

Making Leather

The process of making leather requires you to meet these requirements:

  • Gather Hides
    • Acquire them from goat shed extensions at burgage plots
    • Hunting hide animals at hunter camps
    • Purchasing them from the trading hub
  • Create a Tannery from the construction industry tab
  • Assign a family to work the tannery to turn hides into leather

As mentioned hides come from a few sources. You’re likely to get most of your hides via making goat sheds in some of your burgage plot extensions. This will provide a passive amount of meat for food and hides. Your citizens will passively slaughter animals over time, so you’ll notice more hides and meat arriving in your pantries and warehouses.

Goats make for great meals and hides to serve your population.

Meanwhile, hunting camps can provide hides and meat by hunting wild animals. Ensure you don’t drive the population extinct by setting the minimum amount of animals in a region at a time. Note that the number doesn’t mean they’ll always be at that minimum and can dip. We recommend the lowest to go is four, as we’ve seen two animals live in a wild animal region. So, to keep the steady supply of hides and meat from those regions, set the minimum to something not too ecologically devastating.

The other method is to import hides at a trading post. These cost 14 Regional Wealth each to import, making them daily expensive without the Better Deals development unlocked. You can also buy leather outright, but they cost 16 without the Better Deals dev too. This is one of the best developments in Manor Lords and should be something you look into.

Once you have your source of hides, you can now turn them into leathers at the tannery. To build the tannery you need to do the following:

  • Click on the construction menu
  • Click on the industry tab
  • Build the tannery using four pieces of lumber
  • Assign a family to work the tannery

Once the tannery is built, you should find that the hides you have stockpiled will turn into leather. Your tannery workers should then ship the leather off to storehouses, who will then distribute it to be sold at clothing market stalls. If you create a cobbler’s workshop, they can use the leather to create shoes.

You’ll need to get leather as part of one of the requirements to upgrade burgage plots. You can also use shoes as part of the clothing stall variety to get improved approval rating and get level 3 burgage plots. All in all, it’s very much worth getting leather in Manor Lords.

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