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Manor Lords

Crop Rotation Explained

Craig Robinson

Crop rotation in Manor Lords is a system that allows players to manage the supply of crops that come into their settlements. The purpose of crop rotation is to allow farms with great fertilization to grow different crop types to enable solid use of your environment to create food and crops for your industries. The other important factor is that it allows you to use the fallow feature, which enables you to restore fertility. You want to use crop rotations effectively to manage your natural resources and avoid a game over.

Crop Rotation allows you to plan three years of crop yields from a specific farm field, and to enable calculated fallow years to recovery fertility.

Changing Your Crops

When you create fields under the farming construction menu, you can then later interact with the field. Click on the field, then check for the type of crop you want to grow, ideally based on the fertilization filter when you placed the farm down. Then, just below that crop type should be a check box that you can select to enable crop rotations. This then gives you another two drop-down menus that you can select that your farmers will automatically plan the field for over three years. One year you’ll do one crop, then another and then another.

However, keep in mind that you will need to fallow the field for a year to restore a sizeable percentage of fertility. Using the same crop twice will drastically reduce the crop fertility, and then changing the crop every other year will slowly wither away fertility for both crops you grow. So, a fallow field is very important for maintaining crop fertility so the farm can be effectively used.

If you take the Fertilization development under the farming menu, you can then upgrade fields using the ‘Fenced Up’ upgrade. This enables you to turn fallow fields into pastures, which allow sheep to live on the field. Pastured fallow fields greatly increase fertility restoration of the land. If you’re running a low-fertility farming town, then it is a great idea. Or, if you plan on doing large farming playstyles, then having lots of sheep for huge fertility spikes is an excellent idea.

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