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Manor Lords

Mod Support Likely To Arrive Post Launch

Craig Robinson

Is there mod support for Manor Lords is one of the most asked questions by the game’s eager community. So much so that there’s a special FAQ where the game’s developer, Slavic Magic, says there will be mod support at some point. However, due to the beast of this project, mod support for Manor Lords is likely on hold until post-launch updates.

In the Manor Lord’s discord, Slavic responds with the following:

Will there be mod support?

  • Yes, but I don’t plan on implementing it until after 1.0, at least.

Official mod support for Manor Lords is expected sometime in the distant future.

In Summary:

  • Mod support is planned.
  • Expectations should be set for it to be a long way off yet.

As it stands, the early access of Manor Lords is missing a few key pieces of content and features. You’ll notice that there are missing AI leaders, along with better combat, resource, villager AI, diplomacy, and other factors to consider. These are all the more important parts to improve, add, and complete, ready for the V1.0 release patch. Mod support is one of those features that can come much later.

Of course, this isn’t the only high-profile feature requested by fans. Multiplayer is also a project that is requested by many. It too is on the back burner while the core single-player experience is worked on. You’ll likely see these high-profile features added sometime around launch or even post-launch if the current on-paper idea is still in place.

Yet, we know games with no official mod support do get mods. There may be some fans out of there who manage to get working mods running for Manor Lords without official support for it. If that’s your thing, you can check the usual mod sites in case some mods work out there. However, expect there to be issues if those do appear during the early access launch of Manor Lords.

Saying that, the dev is open to feedback. If it becomes apparent that Mods for Manor Lords are more important, then it is something that may switch the devs focus at that time.

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