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Manor Lords

Emmer & Grains

Craig Robinson

Emmer and grains are an important part of crop production in Manor Lords, as they’ll be the main ways to feed your population. Emmer is a type of wheat grain, which you’ll largely be using to grow crops to turn into bread. Meanwhile, there are other grains like rye that can you can also process into grains and flour. If you need a deeper read on how emmer and grains work in Manor Lords, this farming guide has you covered.

This guide covers all you need to know about emmer in Manor Lords, alongside other grains you can produce.

How Emmer Works

Emmer is a type of wheat and is the general word for wheat production in Manor Lords. When you’re going through the fertility overlays, you want to pay close attention to the emmer filter. This will help you identify the best locations for growing wheat on farms.

Once you have drawn your farm shape and size on the ideal emmer zone, you can then complete the farm. Select the newly built farmland, and then select wheat. Your farmhouse workers should now start plowing, seeding, growing and harvesting emmer wheat over the growing season.

Remember to keep your farms fertile by encouraging fallow field seasons. This helps restore fertility to all crop types available to a farm.

How Grains Work

Manor Lord’s grains are a product of harvesting certain crops. When you harvest rye or emmer wheats, your farmhouse workers will bring it to the farmhouse, and process the raw crop into grains.

When you get grains, you need to process them into flour at the windmill. Make sure you have built a windmill in your farming community, and employ a family to run the windmill. They’ll gradually turn that grain into flour. The flour can then be used at the communal oven or the artisan bakery to make bread.

Rye is a development you can unlock that offers a more resilient crop alternative to emmer wheat grains.

The other filter you need to be mindful of is the rye filter. Rye is a development that is only unlocked after the rye technology is reached in the farming tree. You can place rye farms over fertile rye areas using the filter, and grow grains for bread that way too. Rye is very good at growing in poorer soil conditions and is practically used the same way as emmer.

With that said, it concludes the basics of what you need to know about Emmer crops and grains in Manor Lords. This covers the basics of feeding your population through farms and what you should expect from it.

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