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Manor Lords

Treasury Wealth Explained

Craig Robinson

The Treasury in Manor Lords is one form of wealth. It is noticeably different from regional wealth as it is used for mercenaries, upgrading retinues and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the treasury wealth system and what you can do with it.

(1 of 2) Create a Manor and then you can set income tax to generate a coffer for your treasury.

Create a Manor and then you can set income tax to generate a coffer for your treasury. (left), You can then use treasury wealth to fund the purchase of mercenaries and upgrade retainers for your professional army. (right)

How Treasury Wealth Works

To get access to the treasury system, you need to first build the manor building. Once it is built, you can start creating a taxation policy, which will then add to your treasury wealth. You can also start earning influence through manor food donations and other such features. From here, you can use it to spend on various military needs:

  • Import plate armor for retainers: 18 Treasury Wealth
  • Import local plate armor for Retainers: 9 Treasury Wealth
  • Hire new Retainer: 50 Treasury Wealth
  • Hire Mercenaries: 30-110 Treasury Wealth per month
  • Spend on settler camps for new regions. 250 Treasury Wealth
  • Various starting packages for settler camps when claiming new territory. - 250 to 750 Treasury Wealth

For the most part, you can manage retainers by building a manor, and then opening your army menu. You’ll find retainers as one of the units. Click on the retainer and then go to customization menu. From here, you can change the appearance of retainers, along with importing plate armor for them, along with even more retainers. You can hire up to 12 retainers at a time.

The other use for treasury wealth is to purchase mercenaries with them. You can get mercenaries from the create a new unit menu in the army panel, and then select the coin icon. This brings you to the hire mercenary screen. You’ll get a list of available mercenary contracts that you can use to field an army when you’re in a pinch. Keep in mind the cost of the mercs charges every month till you disband the mercenary company forms service, or until they are entirely defeated. So, keep it in mind so you don’t hemorrhage lots of treasury wealth without you realizing it.

The other thing you can do is to set up new settlements. When you claim territory, you can then place a settlers camp, which will spawn families to work that new settlement. The amount you spend will give you more families, more starting resources, and other benefits. This can help kick start a new settlement if you’ve been saving up.

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