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Manor Lords

Fixing Not Enough Fuel on the Marketplace

Craig Robinson

As part of Manor Lords’ core gameplay loop, players must keep their approval rating high. It gets slightly harder to do the more advanced your Burgage Plots levels get to. One of the more common problems your citizenry faces is the lack of Fuel Wood supply to Market Stalls. If, like us, you’ve encountered this issue, then here’s how to fix the not enough fuel on the Marketplace issue in Manor Lords. It’s likely the distance between stalls and the Storehouse workers not supplying it frequently enough.

We teach you how to maintain a supply of Firewood at the Marketplace in Manor Lords, and avoid tanking your Approval Rating.

Fixing Not Enough Fuel on the Market Place Warning

When your houses report there’s not enough Fuel on the Marketplace Stalls in Manor Lord, you have a few strategies to try:

  • Employ more workers in the Storehouse
  • Increase Firewood gatherers
  • Create a new marketplace closer to distant Burgage Plots with the issue.
  • Import or create charcoal yourself to fully fill stall inventory stockpiles.

For the most part, the not enough fuel in the Marketplace problem is a combination of distant housing and a lack of Storehouse workers. Houses being far away are typically the last to get to the marketplace, and thus likely to not get the stick they need. Moreso, Storehouse workers often operate the stalls the most, including setting up stalls for in-demand resources. Fuel is always in demand. Capping out Storehouse workers will perform more frequent supply runs between Firewood camps, to the storehouse, to stall more efficiently. This is likely the biggest reason why the supply chain is under strain.

A poor restock and distance between plot to market is often the culprit of the not enough fuel to marketplace issue.

If you’re still getting these issues, then you may consider setting up a smaller market stall to accommodate distant houses. We recommend deleting your old Marketplace first and making its replacement small enough to fit slightly less stalls then you had previously This then forces some of the market stalls to set up at the now-distant market stall. You can then adjust Marketplace sizes as you go to keep things bustling. and you should have market stalls serving both ends of your residential areas.

If none of the suggestions above work, you may need to consider more Firewood gatherers. Place another building near a forest that can easily access the storehouse so you can easily supply the settlement, ready for distribution. You likely won’t need to do this if you have a high stockpile of fuel already, it is simply not being sold. But, if your stocks are low, and your supply is low this is likely the answer.

You can also create new storehouses and set it so that it only takes firewood. Remove your other storehouses for firewood and then you can set it so only workers handle firewood in that sense. It should help things become more efficient in that sense.

The other thing you need to note is that fuel stalls seem to reserve space in case charcoal enters your logistical supply. Feel free to grab the charcoal development or import charcoal to help fill up the remaining stall inventory space. It means more fuel sits on your market stalls that way due to a reserved stall inventory space for two items at a fuel market stall.

These tips should help resolve your supply of firewood issues to marketplace stalls in Manor Lords. Remember, the citizens can complain, but as long as they get the wood soon, you should easily maintain your increase your approval rating.

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