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Manor Lords

Getting Weapons & Armor

Craig Robinson

Weapons in Manor Lords are an important part of defending your settlements. When you get weapons, you’ll start allowing men in your settlement to acquire the gear needed to serve as a type of unit. The result is a growing army you can call upon from your roster and use to defend against bandits or fight off enemy barons as part of more ambitious plans. Here’s everything you need to know about getting weapons and preparing to build armies.

We teach you how to get weapons and armor in Manor Lords so you can kit your units and make them battle ready.

Getting Weapons

Weapons in Manor Lords are largely special crafts that you can make from a few types of artisan burgage plot extensions. You can also get weapons by buying them from the trading post if you wish. Alternatively, you can get the following types of weapons from these extensions and material requirements:

Item Materials Extension
Sidearms Two Iron Slabs Blacksmith’s Workshop
Spears 1 Iron Slab, 1 Plank, Blacksmith’s Workshop
Polearms 1 Iron Slab, 1 Plank Blacksmith#s Workshop
Bows 1 Plank Bowyer’s Workshop
Small Shield 1 Planks Joiner’s Workshop
Large Shield 2 Planks Joiner’s Workshop
Crossbows Work in progress Work in progress
Javelins Work in progress Work in progress

Note that you need a variety of resources. Sawmills are needed to make planks from the gathering building menu. Assign a sawmill worker and having a spare hitching post available to transport logs to the sawpit from the logging building to work on planks. Planks are then stored, which can be grabbed by Joiner’s Workshops who are making shield, warbows, spears and polearms.

If you’re making melee weapons, you need to get Iron Slabs. These are made in the Bloomery industry building, which turns iron ore into iron slabs. These can then be refined into tools, swords, spears and polearms, alongside armor depending on the technology that you have available to you.

After you complete a craft and create a unit under the army tree, men will start gating items they need to fulfill that role of the army. They’ll acquire the armor and weapons they need and place it in a burgage plot’s armament detail. This indicates what tools for war they have and what units live in each household.

Getting Armor

Don’t forget that your army needs to have protection to function too. You can get armor in Manor Lords as follows:

Item Materials Extension
Gambesons 2 Linen Tailor’s Workshop
Helmets 1 Iron Slab Armorer’s Workshop
Mail Armour 2 Iron Slabs Armorer’s Workshop
Plate Armor 8 Iron Slabs Armorer’s Workshop

The basis of your starting army will use helmets and gambesons. Both of these don’t require technology and are fairly easy to make. You can get gambesons from a Tailor’s Workshop, using two linen, which are made at a Weaver’s Workshop by turning flax into linen.

We’ve already discussed you need iron ore converted into iron slabs at a bloomery to make the metal armor. The key thing to note here is that mail armor and plate armor are locked behind the advanced and masterwork armor developments. So, if you want that armor, you need to trade for them or spend developments on being able to craft them, along with buying or supplying the iron ore yourself.

This concludes everything you need to know about getting weapons and armor in Manor Lords. You now know how to arm your population and create units to prepare for war.

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