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Manor Lords

Increasing Regional Wealth and Making Money

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ Regional Wealth system reflects the general prosperity and income of a region. Each region has its own Regional Wealth, and will be used typically for opening trade routes, buying items, and acquiring Extensions at Burgage Plots. To increase your Regional Wealth in Manor Lords, you must start upgrading Burgage Plots, and start trading surplus resources. Here’s everything you need to know to make money in Manor Lords.

Here is a closer look at getting Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.

Getting Regional Wealth

The best ways to get regional wealth and make money in Manor Lords is by:

  • Upgrading Burgage Plots for monthly income per family
  • Selling surplus stock on trade routes
  • Tax policy
  • Trade Research

The safest way to generate regional wealth is via upgrading your Burgage Plots. When you get to upgrade Burgage Plots to level 1, you will start making one Wealth per family on that plot of land. Upgrading to level 2 equals two wealth per family. So on, and so forth. It’s a safe early game strategy working through the required Burgage Plot objectives to ensure you can get more families and better housing for an early game economy.

The other strategy to make money in Manor Lords is to create trade routes. You can sell basic resources for very little, but the major wealth is through livestock trades and resource trading. You can trade livestock by building a livestock trading building under the farming menu if you have a farmer-heavy region. The same is said for trading foods at a general Trading Post. If you’re more dedicated to producing materials and goods, then look to spend some of your regional wealth to open a trade route on specific items. From there, you can recoup your investment by trading surplus stock and then profiting from it.

(1 of 2) Improving Burgage Plots generates regional wealth monthly, depending on families on the plot and the plot’s level.

Improving Burgage Plots generates regional wealth monthly, depending on families on the plot and the plot’s level. (left), Trading items will allow you to earn and spend your regional wealth on livestock and resources. (right)

Taxation is another method of making money on Manor Lords. Once you establish yourself a Manor, you can then check on policies. These policies are largely ways to gain levies and taxes on income, particular tasks and more. Be aware that taxing your population will make them angry. Ensure you have a healthy approval rating before you decide on that.

The final suggestion we have is to invest in developments under the trade research tree. The Trade Logistics development reduces all trade route prices to 25. Follow it on with the Better Deals, and you can reduce the price of all imports by 10. This makes important basics for your industries significantly cheaper. Turn those raw items into goods and commodities, and you’re making fat stacks. This is probably the most reliable way of getting money in Manor Lords, but it does mean spending two development points on making that happen.

When you get Regional Wealth, you’ll likely start spending it on improving extensions for your Burgage Plots. Buying more goods for your citizens through trade routes is also a valid use of the resource. In the early game, you start with a small amount of Regional Wealth, but that money won’t last long. So, you must start working on infrastructure to accrue family wealth, and then trade long-term to sustain investments, and trading against materials.

Best ways to make wealth in Manor Lords

With all that said, we’re dropping a few reliable money making strategies we’ve come across in Manor Lords so far:

  • Sell Bread - Unlock the Bakery development in the food and farming production and sell excess bread at the market
  • Sheep Breeding: Take the Sheep Breeding development in farming, and you can make extremely easy money selling surplus livestock, as well as wool and yarn you collect.
  • Warbows - Have 2 people making planks at a saw mill and one bowyer burgage plot to make steady gold selling warbows
  • Buy Barley & Sell Ale - Take the Better Deals technology, and start buying Barley for 2 Wealth each. Convert that into malts and then into ales, and sell the ale for 4x the price you got the barley for.

This concludes the basics of what you need to know about regional wealth and making money in Manor Lords. Good Luck on becoming wealthier and improving each individual region of your empire.

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