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Manor Lords

Claiming Territory Explained

Craig Robinson

When you’re ready to expand your settlement, players can claim territory, and begin colonizing another piece of land. Depending on the game mode, this has ramifications too, which helps to add to late-game conflicts. The following is a breakdown of the steps involved when claiming territory in Manor Lords.

Expanding territory in Manor Lords

How To Claim Territory

  1. Build a Manor.
  2. Donate a percentage of food each year to the church to generate influence. The percentage depends on how much food you can safely give away.
  3. Spend 1000 influence on purchasing a new settlement.
  4. Wait approximately a month for the claim to complete.
  5. Build a Settler’s Camp in the new settlement.
  6. Purchase the starting settler camp bundle you want using treasury wealth.
  7. Begin building the new settlement from scratch.

As you can see, the process is somewhat complex. The main thing you need to know is that settlements cost influence to claim. If you’re in a more relaxed game mode, then you simply need the influence to claim the land and then build it up. If you have angry barons around, then you may need to do some warfare and battle them to get the territory. It depends on the game state and what territory you’re claiming really. If you need help with preparing armies in Manor Lords for battle, then feel free to take a look at our guide in the link above.

(1 of 2) Select a province you wish to claim with influence and then confirm it with the button at the bottom of the screen.

Select a province you wish to claim with influence and then confirm it with the button at the bottom of the screen. (left), When claiming territory in Manor Lords, you can select the starting population, and starting resources to found the settlement with. (right)

Remember that you need to build your Manor if you intend to claim territory. You can generate influence, the resource used to claim settlements and territory. And to do so, you will need to donate food to the church, based on a percentage you set. The higher the percentage, the quicker you generate influence. However, it means sending most of your food production away. Make sure you strike a nice balance.

When you get enough influence, you can spend it on claiming territory. See what is available to you, with the rich deposits you want to farm. Don’t forget to check for fertility rates of crops, so you know how you’re going to feed populations, either through big industry farming, or reliance on burgage plots and rye development. Or whether you intend to feed populations via a trade link between your main settlement and new settlement at a pack station.

If you need some tips on getting a new settlement started, you can read more in our build order guide.

Good luck with your empire building and growing ever stronger.

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