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Manor Lords

How to Make Market Stalls

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ market stalls feature is an important part of trade, economy, and family life improvements. Families and certain tradesmen will be able to create their own market stalls, where they can distribute produce to the citizens. The variety of trade depends on resource availability in regard to food, trade goods, and more. You’re going to want to get market stalls set up so you can advance your population in the early game. To do this, you need to make a Marketplace. Here’s everything you need to know to set up market stalls and marketplace, and watch your town prosper in Manor Lords.

Here is a closer look at how the marketplace and market stalls work in Manor Lords.

Setting Up Market Stalls

To create market stalls in Manor Lords, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the construction menu
  2. Click on Residential
  3. Select the Marketplace
  4. Drag the Marketplace plot markers to the specified size - (20 plots is more than enough for a long time)
  5. Citizens eligible to create stalls will set up market stalls or manage already established stalls automatically

You’ll find that certain trades and artisan roles in Burgage Plots can set up stalls: Here are some examples of market stalls you can expect:

  • Woodcutters Lodge - Firewood market stall
  • Granary - Food market stall
  • Forager Hut - Food market stall
  • Weaver Workshop - Clothing market stall
  • Sheep Wool - Clothing market stall
  • Leather - Clothing market stall
  • Shoes - Clothing
  • Clothes - Clothing
  • Cloaks - Clothing
  • Bakery / communal oven - Food
  • Charcoal - Fuel
  • Linen - Clothing

Why are Market Stalls Important in Manor Lords?

Market stalls are important because you need to meet Residential needs to advance your settlement level, while also pursuing approval ratings.

Approval ratings affect population growth, attracting new citizens and encouraging reproduction. It also affects the morale of the armies you form. The better it is the better you do. Meanwhile, leveling up your Burgage Plots requires various market stalls and product varieties. Hitting different vendors and produce will level up your housing over time.

Increasing housing levels is needed to further increase the settlement levels, as they grant you more development points. It is very important to check what market stalls you need to incorporate into your city by checking on the needs of your burgage plots and citizens. You cna find a more detailed guide on leveling Simply click on a housing plot to see what they need. This can give you goals on what type of trade you need to factor in your town’s design.

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