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Manor Lords

Homelessness Explained

Craig Robinson

When you first start your new playthrough of Manor Lords, you will find that you have a few families to get yourself started. All of these families will live in the little homeless tent that appears at the center of your new population. However, in some instances, you can find that homelessness persists even after you start building your village up. Here’s everything you need to know about homelessness in Manor Lords and how to manage it.

Here is everything you need to know about Homelessness in Manor Lords and managing it.

How Homelessness Works

As mentioned, homelessness typically is an issue you will encounter as and when you first start a settlement. To solve the homeless issue, you need to do the following:

  • In the early game, you typically have five families, which will need to first focus on building core gathering builds to get your economy up and running by assigning families to them.
  • From there, you can start building five burgage plots to house the families already in the settlement.
  • Once you start building your burgage plots, make sure to delete the homeless shelter. If you don’t do this, then chances are your families will stay in the homeless shelter, and potentially any new population will take over the burgage plots instead.

Once your homeless citizens are now in burgage plots, you will find your approval rating may suffer for a short time. Homelessness is perceived as not the best, and so, lingering homelessness penalties may last for a few months before the approval rating restores itself.

You can also use homeless shelters tactically when you’re ready to claim a new province. Homeless shelters offer quick shelter while your new colonists go out and begin building a new settlement from scratch. It is like starting a new save in that sense.

With that said, you now know how homelessness works in Manor Lords, how to tactically use it to your advantage, and how to avoid its penalties when first starting a save.

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