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Lords of the Fallen Weapon Scaling and Soft Caps Explained

Craig Robinson

For those of you who are looking to get the best out of your build in Lords of the Fallen, chances are you are more than likely going to mess around with Weapon Scaling. Weapon Scalings are an important part of maxing out your build, allowing you to add those bonus damage numbers to your gear with ease. However, the weapon scalings are inconsistent, with some stats scaling better with damage than others. Here’s a closer look at the weapon scaling in Lords of the Fallen.

How Weapon Scaling Works in Lords of the Fallen

This guide goes through the Weapon Scalings, and soft and hard caps in Lords of the Fallen to explain how to better min-max our damage values. Image via CI Games.

For the most part, weapon scaling seems to be based on three factors:

  1. Weapon Stat Scores,
  2. Attribute Levels and soft caps
  3. How Upgraded is an Item

Let’s look at the specific stats. For the most part, it seems fairly consistent that Inferno, Radiance, and Agility ability scores seem to scale similarly. However, similarly scored Strength ratings on weapons require an extra level before they get the same bonus scores for their weapon. Let’s go over a consistent trend we’ve seen across several weapon types.

Let’s take a D-grade Strength, Agility, Inferno, and Radiance weapon. You will find that one in every three levels, you will likely get 2 points added to a magic or agility D-grade weapon. Meanwhile, you will likely only get 1 for Strength for the same level of investment into a stat on your character.

If you move into the C tier for the weapon, then the formula changes a bit. The weapon scalings now seem to grant you an extra value of damage on a weapon at every other level. Therefore, if you spend four points, chances are you are getting 3 bonus damage for every four or 5 levels you invest. Again it depends on what level you are when you start and test this, but its consistency is there across multiple C-grade weapons we viewed when testing this.

If we move into the B Tier ranges, then it seems that the level increases stay the same, and the amount of damage that gets added changes. You should start to notice 2 points of damage getting added to the bonus tally of a weapon, rather than the typical 1 as seen in previous tiers.

However, these formulas change when you upgrade a weapon. When we got to level 5 on a grand hammer weapon that we use in our build, we managed to push its strength scaling to D. However, for each level of strength we improved on our character, the damage instead went up every level, compared to every other level for a non upgraded weapon. It’s likely upgrading weapons will improve how much more bonus damage you can start extracting from your stats.

Soft and Hard Caps in Lords of the Fallen

The other major factors to consider with building and damage modifiers are soft and hard caps on attributes. There are a few factors to consider

Attribute Soft Cap Hard Cap
Strength 50 75
Agility 50 75
Endurance 20/40 60
Vitality 20/40 60
Radiance 50 75
Inferno 50 75

When you reach a soft cap, you will find that the value you get from increasing those stats begins to diminish. For combat stats, that’s at level 50, where you find the amount of additional power you can get begins to falter. Meanwhile, Vitality and Endurance limit the amount of health and stamina bar you can get from both soft caps, with the values getting weaker at those breakpoints.

When you reach a hard cap, you no longer get anything from those stats.

In theory, it implies that magic scales the best since spell power and mana both tap into each magic stat. If you can find a weapon that scales off both Radiance and Inferno, then in theory, that weapon can reach a much higher threshold of damage than other weapons in the game. But that does require, at minimum, a level 100 character to experiment with no other stats fully. It’s something to think about with New Game Plus, though.


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