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All Unlockable Classes - Lords of the Fallen

Craig Robinson

The developers over at Hexworks and CI Games have announced that there are 13 Starting Classes in total, yet only nine are available for most players. That leaves four potential classes players can unlock as they play the game. If you’re interested, here’s a closer look at the Lords of the Fallen unlockable classes and what you need to do to get them.

How to Unlock Secret Classes in Lords of the Fallen

Here's how to unlock classes in Lords of the Fallen, and what you need to do to get them.

So, there are four unlockable classes in Lords of the Fallen, which are:

  • Dark Crusader: A Paladin-type class with dark gothic armaments and a Longsword.
  • Radiant Preacher: A new take on the Orion Preacher, equipped with its own wizard-looking set, radiant catalyst, and halberd weapon
  • Lord: A Pyric Cultist manifested in demonic armor, equipped with a sword and Inferno Catalyst.
  • Putrid Child: A caster-type character with a starting Umbral Catalyst, equipped in an armor set that makes it look like Molhu from the Skyrest safe hub.

To get these classes each one has its own requirements. Warning that the information below will contain spoilers to a limited degree. So, view the majority of the information below at your own risk.

To unlock the Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen, you need to do one of two things:

  1. Purchase the Deluxe Edition
  2. Complete Isaac’s storyline by collecting the Flayed Flesh from around the corner to where you fought Otto, the tutorial boss, on parrying. From there, you need to activate the memories you find in Redcopse, the vestige in the Fief area, the memory just after the arena in the Fief, and another in the Tower of Penance. When you get all four, you can fight an Umbral version of Isaac, and after defeating it, you get an Umbral version of his flesh. You can then take it to where you picked up the Flayed Flesh and find an open path that wasn’t previously there. Doing so enables you to complete the quest and get Isaac as a summon for the Lamphunter demon fight later in the storyline.

As for the other three classes, they are all associated with one of three different endings. Each ending is associated with a Radiance, Umbral, or Rhogar theme you encounter in game. The Radiance Preacher is associated with the Radiance ending, the Lord with the Rhogar, and the Putrid Child with the Umbral. To get the endings, you need to do as follows:

  • Radiant Ending
    • You cannot encounter Elianne and must defeat Adyr.
  • Rhogar Ending
    • You cannot encounter Adyr and Elianne
  • Umbral Ending
    • You cannot encounter Adyr and must defeat Elianne.

While we are on the subject matter, players can find most of the Radiance Preacher gear in the Tower of Penance. There is an armor set where the Tower’s beacon is below the platform bridge leading to the beacon, which you can access via the Umbral Lamp. You can also get the Radiant Preacher Catalyst from the underground area of the Tower just before the boss battle.

That said, this covers everything you need to know on unlocking classes in Lords of the Fallen. If you love Soulsllike games and want to get all endings, then you have plenty of content to look forward to getting some really good value for money out of the game. Let us know which of the classes you think you’re likely going to get for your next playthrough. The Lord looks like the play for the infernal armor alone, but we just played a Pyric Cultist, so it might be the Dark Crusader or Putrid Child for us.


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