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Saintly Quintessence Locations in Lords of the Fallen

Craig Robinson

The Sanquinarix is your dedicated healing item that refreshes when you rest in Lords of the Fallen (2023). Moreso, you can upgrade these items as you can in other Souls-like games, offering players a needed boost to fight some of the game’s toughest encounters. However, these items are pretty tricky to find, so, we are here to offer guidance on where the find Quintessence locations in Lords of the Fallen

Saintly Quintessence Locations in Lords of the Fallen

(1 of 2) A guide on where to find Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen.

A guide on where to find Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen. (left), You'll often find Quintessence locations in the Umbral parts of the game's explorable regions, slightly off the beaten track. (right)

For the most part, you’re going to find "Saintly Quintessence" iconSaintly Quintessences in the Umbral. These can be fairly hard to miss, especially if you have much dense and harder combat guarding the areas. Consider this a rule going forward, and prepare yourself when you reach one of these locations’ rough whereabouts before venturing into the Umbral and trying to get these items.

  1. Defeat Pieta: The first major boss at the end of the tutorial on the Skyrest Bridge.

  2. Scourged Sister Delyth: This is a mini-boss located inside the bell church in Pilgrim’s Perch. The Perch is the first major area you go to after unlocking the Skyrest Bridge interior and establishing your safe hub. Follow the stairs down to the Perch, then go inside the big church area on the right inside the cliff. Climb the ladders, then follow the beams and ladders down till you get into the boss room. There’s a small cubby in the Umbral that you can Soul Flay to get the Quintessence, even without defeating the boss.

  3. The Fen’s First Village: When you enter the Fen’s first major village area, you can enter the Umbral and enter the waterways, and travel rightward. You will find a small dock area where there is a Soul Flay creature on the wall. It is guarded by a few villagers on the dock, some smelly boys, and a moth lady. Defeat the guards, and you can safely Soul Flay and grab the Quintessence. Feel free to use the dock above to pump down on the moth lady to make the fight easier.

  4. Fitzroy’s Gorge: Towards the later part of the Fitzroy Gorge, players can find a ruined garden area. Follow the pathway till you see a tree in a circular grove area. If you cross into the Umbral, you will find another Soul Flay obstacle guarded by one of those easter island head-looking boulder boys.

  5. Calrath Slums: Near the end of the Calrath Slums area, you will find another Saintly Quintessence location in Lords of the Fallen. Keep exploring the Slums as possible, then, when you reach a bonfire area with a fire wizard near it, you will find a slowed wooden pathway leading to a burning building you can enter by going into the Umbral. Follow the stairs to the top, and there’s another soul-flat creature at the top guarded by a Moth lady. You can identify the building by a rope bridge going from the top floor to another building.

  6. Calrath Blacksmith Quarters: When you defeat the Calrath Slums boss, you get access to another pathway leading to an ashen part of the city. Follow the paths towards a tree on the level below. This tree has a Soul Flay creature in the Umbral for you to pull at. Be careful, as there are plenty of wizards, burning men, and even a Ravager that can aggro from a street away if you’re not careful.

  7. Calrath - Sunless Skein Door: Before you can get this Quintessence, you’ll need to get the "Sunless Skein Key" iconSunless Skein Key which is ironically inside the Sunless Skein Mines which you can access after you defeat the main boss in Calrath. Once you have the key, warp to the Alehouse Vestige aka Lydia the Numb Witch. From there, head outside the door below opposite the Vestige, and head left out of the door. Kill the fire axeman and run across the bridge. Around the corner, switch to the Umbral Realm, Soul Flay the platform, and head across. Either run past or defeat the nearby enemies (Enchantress being one of them) and unlock the Sunless Skein door behind them.

    Climb up the ladder, head left (enemies are here), and into the tunnel down the stairs next to the fire-breathing dog. Before doing that though, use the Emergence Effigy to get out of the Umbral Realm. In the tunnel pick up the item to your left before heading right, then immediately head left again. Follow the mine track down the hill past another Enchantress, and take the first left you can. Once again, follow the path down the stair where you’ll meet a Ravager if you’re in the Axiom Realm, or a Ravager, and a giant head to contend with. It’s best to take out the Ravager first in Axiom then switch to Umbral to take out the head as you need to be in Umbral anyway to Soul Flay the nearby body for the Saintly Quintessence. When you pick that up, you can kick the nearby plank opposite it to open a shortcut.

  8. Sunless Skien Cave (near Cistern): There’s another one in the Hoist area of the Sunless Skien. Starting from the Hoist Vestige, run through the once flooded area, and go through the tunnel on the far left of the room guarded by a fire swordsman, a snake crossbow enemy, and a fee dogs. This will taker you to the gate that leads to the Cistern. Instead of going through the gate, turn right and enter a part of the cave. Now you need to look for a hole in the floor that leads to a joist supporting the mine, which has an item pickup. You can grab the Saintly Quint item from that beam.

  9. Upper Calrath: This can be found in the center of the ashen town, just past the Enchantress. Soul Flay the body opposite the tree to get the Quintessence.

  10. Fief’s Starting Ruin base: The Fief Vestige Point in the snowy biome has a small cavity in a wall with a soul flay creature inside, however, it can only be accessed from the outside. To grab it, climb the wall and exit on the left side as normal, run to the end, go over the barrier, then turn right and cross the bridge. From there, foll the other side of the chasm around back to the fort. Enter the Umbral when you approach the first, then jump on the platforms, you need to Soul Flay the moving bridge forwards then look for a drop-down point to enter the cubby and get the Quint.

  11. Fief’s Castle Ruin Village: After defeating the area boss and sorting the beacon out, walk down the tower and cross the Umbral into the water, near the Lightreaper Arena area. Follow the riverbed left into an old, rundown village. You’ll find there’s a blockage you need to restore, with the quint in a soul flay object in the wall.

  12. Path of Devotion: The Path of Devotion is an area you can access by going right when you approach the Bell-Rise boss room. This will take you through the save and back onto a woodland pathway. Along the pathway, you can find a Vestige to the left, and a path winding down the hill to the right. Follow the path to the right and enter the umbral when you come across an area with a knight, worshippers, two crossbowman, and their dogs. Towards the edge overlooking the gorge, you’ll find a ladder in the umbral. Go down it, and then jump across the gap. You’ll find a soul flay interaction, but, be careful as it’s guarded by two moths and lots of the eggs pop to spawn the shambler enemies. We advise using some grenades, spells or javelin throws to pop the eggs before you walk over, as well as deal with the casters the best you can. Once there’s a limited amount of lock on targets you should be able to safe to grab it, pick the item up, and get out before the moths swarm you..

  13. Tower of Penance: When you reach the very bottom of the Tower of Penance, there is a pathway leading outside of the tower. Enter the Umbral, and you’ll find ladders you can climb up. The pathway leads to an enclosed space with some Umbral Eggs and a Moth Lady. The Quintessence location is in the Soul Flay object at the back of the small space.

  14. Hallowed Sisters: The Hallowed Sisters come after the Tower of Penance and the Hallowed Brothers. When you go through the gardens area, you’ll eventually come towards a larger church-type building. Go up the church area to its maximum stair height and then trace the path till you reach a fountain outside filled with blood. When you enter the Umbral, you’ll find a path that takes you to another terraced area where you get the soul flay a creature and find another Quintessence location.

  15. Empyrean: The Empyrean is part of the Hallowed Sisters, and is the area that houses a beacon. As you gain access to the larger abbey at the back, you can head inside one of the rooms guarded by knight statue-type enemies. One of the pathways takes you to a soul flay creature on the wall in the umbral, which you can grab a Quint from.

  16. Bramis Castle: In one of the ruined upper parts of the castle, which leads outside. You can access this using Umbral when you’re inside the castle and ave progressed up the staircase. Navigate the routes and you’ll find broken stone area with a ladder you can lowering to the outdoor area that has a pathway leading to the Vestige in the area.

  17. Tutorial: You get one as part of the Tutorial. We are adding it to the list for posterity reasons, rather than one you can actually miss like most of these on the list.

This concludes where to find Saintly Quintessence locations in Lords of the Fallen. You now have a better idea of where to find these pesky healing items so you can get on your way. Note that acquiring all of these will give you the trophy, Salvation in Blood.

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Salvation in Blood

Fully upgraded the "Sanguinarix" iconSanguinarix.

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