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All Alpha Pals and Locations - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Alpha Pals are a stronger version of regular Pals that can be found in various locations around the Palpagos Islands. There are no restrictions as to when you can fight these Pals, but they do have levels. These Pals are much harder to catch, and you will need to know where to look to find them. The guide below goes over all the places that you can find Alpha Pals, including which ones can spawn inside of dungeons.

Bushi is an Alpha Pal found in a Sealed Realm.

What Are Alpha Bosses in Palworld?

Alpha Bosses are larger versions of Pals that come with higher stats than normal. They are bosses that wander the overworld and, depending on your level, may take a team of players to take down. Alpha Pals can also be found at the end of dungeons. All Alpha Pals can be caught in the game, and with the exception of Legendaries, you can find smaller, easier-to-obtain versions wandering around the map. All Alpha Pals will have a lower catch rate, forcing you to use better "Pal Sphere" iconPal Spheres when trying to catch them. If you use a low-level Pal Sphere, it will just bounce off. This can also happen if you haven’t lowered the Alpha’s health enough.

We recommend only challenging an Alpha when you are at the same level and have a full team, or at least some Pals that have a type advantage. You should note that Lucky Pals, while similar, are not considered to be Alpha Pals. For more on Lucky Pals and how to find them, check out our helpful guide here.

Overworld Alpha Bosses

These bosses are found in marked areas around the overworld. Once you get close enough to an Alpha Boss, a circle with the Pals picture will show up on the map, and you can hover over it to see the Pals level. In some cases, Alpha Pals are found in Sealed Realms. These are mini arenas that you can enter. Once inside, you will find the Alpha Pal surrounded by smaller Pals in a large room. These fights are a bit harder as you are taking on multiple targets with less room to dodge.

You can fight Alpha Pals multiple times, and they will drop items from a loot list each time you fight them. This is especially true when entering the harder Sealed Realms. This is a good way to earn extra money in the game. In addition to this, Alpha Pals will also drop Ancient Parts, which are needed to unlock special technology. The table below goes over all the Alpha Pals in the game and where to find them.

Alpha Pal Level Location Map Location
"Chillet" iconChillet 11 Windswept Hills Map Marker
"Gumoss" iconGumoss 11 Sea Breeze Archipelago
"Sweepa" iconSweepa 11 Sea Breeze Archipelago Map Marker
"Dumud" iconDumud 14 "Ice Wind Island" iconIce Wind Island
"Penking" iconPenking 15 Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings Map Marker
"Azurobe" iconAzurobe 17 Moonless Shore South Ocean Map Marker
"Grintale" iconGrintale 17 "Marsh Island" iconMarsh Island Map Marker
"Nitewing" iconNitewing 18 "Ice Wind Island" iconIce Wind Island Map Marker
"Broncherry" iconBroncherry 23 Sea Breeze Archipelago
"Quivern" iconQuivern 23 Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant Map Marker
"Bushi" iconBushi 23 Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Map Marker
"Katress" iconKatress 23 Sealed Realm of the Invincible Map Marker
"Kingpaca" iconKingpaca 23 Windswept Hills Map Marker
"Felbat" iconFelbat 23 Sealed Realm of the Abyss Nights
"Fenglope" iconFenglope 25 Bamboo Groves Map Marker
"Petallia" iconPetallia 28 Sealed Realm of Spirits Map Marker
"Beakon" iconBeakon 29 Bamboo Groves Map Marker
"Broncherry" iconBroncherry Aqua 30 Shoal Mineshaft Map Marker
"Elphidran" iconElphidran 30 Moonless Shore Map Marker
"Warsect" iconWarsect 30 Sealed Realm of the Stalwart Map Marker
"Mossanda Lux" iconMossanda Lux 31 "Eastern Wild Island" iconEastern Wild Island Map Marker
"Univolt" iconUnivolt 31 Sea Breeze Archipelago
"Elizabee" iconElizabee 31 Moonless Shore Map Marker
"Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus Lux 31 Sealed Realm of the "Thunder Dragon" iconThunder Dragon Map Marker
"Lunaris" iconLunaris 32 Sealed Realm of the Esoteric Map Marker
"Verdash" iconVerdash 35 Sealed Realm of the Swift Map Marker
"Mammorest" iconMammorest 38 Windswept Hills Map Marker
"Vaelet" iconVaelet 38 Sealed Realm of the Guardian Map Marker
"Wumpo Botan" iconWumpo Botan 38 "Eastern Wild Island" iconEastern Wild Island Map Marker
"Menasting" iconMenasting 44 Desiccated Mineshaft Map Marker
"Jormuntide" iconJormuntide 45 Verdant Brook East Sea Map Marker
"Sibelyx" iconSibelyx 40 Sealed Realm of the Guardian Map Marker
"Suzaku" iconSuzaku 45 Dessicated Desert Map Marker
"Kingpaca Cryst" iconKingpaca Cryst 46 Astral Mountains Map Marker
"Dinossom Lux" iconDinossom Lux 47 The Furthest Mineshaft Map Marker
"Anubis" iconAnubis 47 Twilight Dunes Map Marker
"Astegon" iconAstegon 48 Destroyed Mineshaft Map Marker
"Blazamut" iconBlazamut 49 Scorching Mineshaft Map Marker
"Lyleen Noct" iconLyleen Noct 49 Astral Mountains Map Marker
"Frostallion" iconFrostallion 50 Astral Mountains Map Marker
"Paladius" iconPaladius 50 Dessicated Desert Map Marker
"Necromus" iconNecromus 50 Dessicated Desert Map Marker
"Jetragon" iconJetragon 50 Mount Obsidian Map Marker

Palworld Overworld Alpha Cooldown Timer

The time it takes for an Alpha Pal to respawn seems to be around one hour. This keeps players from farming them back-to-back, but an easy way to help the time pass is by going around catching all the Alpha Pals that are within your level range.

Dungeon Alpha Bosses

There will be a single Alpha Pal at the end of every dungeon in the game. These Pals spawn from a random pool of possible Pals, with some being rarer than others. There are several dungeons in the game, most of which have similar names. These generally share the same spawn pool when they have the same name. The types of dungeons, the areas where you can find them, and the Alpha Pals that can spawn in them can be found in the table below.

Dungeon Level Area Possible Alpha Spawns
Hillside Cavern 13 Around Windswept Hills "Cattiva" iconCattiva, "Celaray" iconCelaray, "Chikipi" iconChikipi, "Daedream" iconDaedream, "Depresso" iconDepresso, "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer, "Fuack" iconFuack, "Fuddler" iconFuddler, "Gumoss" iconGumoss, "Hoocrates" iconHoocrates, "Killamari" iconKillamari, "Tombat" iconTombat
Isolated Island Cavern 13 Sea Breeze Archipelago "Caprity" iconCaprity, "Cattiva" iconCattiva, "Chikipi" iconChikipi, "Cremis" iconCremis, "Depresso" iconDepresso, "Dinossom" iconDinossom, "Direhowl" iconDirehowl, "Fuack" iconFuack, "Gumoss" iconGumoss, "Hoocrates" iconHoocrates, "Lamball" iconLamball, "Lifmunk" iconLifmunk, "Melpaca" iconMelpaca, "Pengullet" iconPengullet, "Rooby" iconRooby, "Rushoar" iconRushoar, "Tanzee" iconTanzee, "Teafant" iconTeafant, "Tombat" iconTombat, "Vixy" iconVixy
Ravine Grotto 19 Bamboo Groves "Dumud" iconDumud, "Galeclaw" iconGaleclaw, "Mozzarina" iconMozzarina, "Ribbuny" iconRibbuny, "Swee" iconSwee, "Sweepa" iconSweepa, "Surfent" iconSurfent, "Tocotoco" iconTocotoco, "Woolipop" iconWoolipop
Mountain Stream Grotto 29 Frostbound Mountains "Bristla" iconBristla, "Felbat" iconFelbat, "Flopie" iconFlopie, "Gobfin" iconGobfin, "Gorirat" iconGorirat, "Katress" iconKatress, "Mossanda" iconMossanda, "Robinquill" iconRobinquill
Cavern of the Dunes 35 Dessicated Desert "Blazehowl" iconBlazehowl, "Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct, "Bushi" iconBushi, "Dumud" iconDumud, "Fenglope" iconFenglope, "Flambelle" iconFlambelle, "Gobfin Ignis" iconGobfin Ignis, "Incineram" iconIncineram, "Kelpsea Ignis" iconKelpsea Ignis, "Leezpunk Ignis" iconLeezpunk Ignis, "Pyrin" iconPyrin, "Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct, "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk, "Reptyro" iconReptyro, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm, "Wixen" iconWixen
Volcanic Cavern 40 Mount Obsidian "Dinossom Lux" iconDinossom Lux, "Leezpunk" iconLeezpunk, "Nitewing" iconNitewing, "Robinquill Terra" iconRobinquill Terra, "Surfent Terra" iconSurfent Terra
Sacred Mountain Cavern 45 Astral Mountains "Elphidran" iconElphidran, "Lunaris" iconLunaris, "Mammorest Cryst" iconMammorest Cryst, "Mau Cryst" iconMau Cryst, "Reindrix" iconReindrix, "Reptyro" iconReptyro Cryst, "Sibelyx" iconSibelyx, "Suzaku" iconSuzaku Aqua, "Tombat" iconTombat, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm Cryst, "Wumpo" iconWumpo

Palworld Dungeon Cooldown Timer

Dungeons don’t have a cooldown timer so you can run them back-to-back to try and get the Alpha Pal you want to spawn. Keep in mind that in dungeons, smaller Pals of the same species will always spawn around the Alpha Pal, making the fight a bit harder. It’s best to defeat or catch these smaller Pals first to give yourself a better chance at catching the Alpha Pal.

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