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Easy Cake Farming Tips for Breeding - Palworld

Matt Chard

When breeding in Palworld, Cake is one of the most important parts of the process because the Pals won’t start until they have some cake. Why cake? No one knows, but it appears to be an aphrodisiac for the Pals. The cake is unlocked at level 17 via the "Cooking Pot" iconCooking Pot, and once that is obtained, the cake will be one of many recipes. Unfortunately, cake requires quite a few ingredients, and if you’re doing a lot of breeding, you’ll get through them quickly. Read on to find out what the recipe is for cake in Palworld and how you can farm its ingredients.

Cake Recipe - Palworld

"Cake" iconCake requires five ingredients, "Flour" iconFlour, "Red Berries" iconRed Berries, "Milk" iconMilk, "Egg" iconEgg, and "Honey" iconHoney. The first two ingredients are easy enough to come by, but the last three require a bit more work. The exact cake recipe can be found below.

Ingredient Quantity
"Flour" iconFlour 5
"Red Berries" iconRed Berries 8
"Milk" iconMilk 7
"Egg" iconEgg 8
"Honey" iconHoney 2

Cake is crafted in the Cooker, which is unlocked at level 17

How to Farm Flour in Palworld

The best way to get Flour is by crafting a "Wheat Plantation" iconWheat Plantation and "Mill" iconMill, both of which are unlocked at level 15. Then get some "Wheat Seeds" iconWheat Seeds, which you get as drops from the following Pals:

Pal Map Location
"Bristla" iconBristla Map Marker
"Flopie" iconFlopie Map Marker
"Cinnamoth" iconCinnamoth Map Marker
"Robinquill" iconRobinquill Map Marker
"Robinquill Terra" iconRobinquill Terra Map Marker

Alternatively, this can be purchased from the small settlement southeast of "Kingpaca" iconKingpaca for 150 "Gold Coin" iconGold Coins. Once you have the seeds, plant them in the "Wheat" iconWheat Plantation, wait for them to grow, and then harvest them. Now, place the wheat into the Mill, and it’ll create Flour. You will never have to worry about Flour again after this.

How to Farm Red Berries in Palworld

These are incredibly easy to get, but if you aren’t sure, purchase the "Berry Plantation" iconBerry Plantation at level 5, and then find some "Berry Seeds" iconBerry Seeds. This can be purchased at the small settlement, but you’ll get some by searching the numerous berry bushes scattered around the starter areas. When you have the plantation and seeds, plant the seeds, and get a water Pal to water them for you.

How to Farm Milk in Palworld

Milk drops from "Mozzarina" iconMozzarina, and its Alpha version, "Mozzarina, Grade A Beef" iconMozzarina, Grade A Beef which can be found in the following locations:

Pal Map Location
Location 1 Map Marker
Location 2 Map Marker
"Mozzarina, Grade A Beef" iconMozzarina, Grade A Beef Location Map Marker

When you find the Mozzarinas, make sure you capture a few and put them in the ranch. This allows you to get a constant supply of milk, which is exactly what you’ll need if you intend on doing a lot of breeding. Alternatively, milk can be purchased from the small settlement southeast of Kingpaca for 50 Gold Coins.

(1 of 4) Milk comes from cows or, in Palworld’s case, Mozzarinas.

How to Farm Eggs in Palworld

Eggs are dropped from "Chikipi" iconChikipis, the small bird-like creatures that scour the starting areas. Similar to the Mozzarinas, you’ll want to place a few Chikipis in the ranch to get a more frequent supply of them. Alternatively, you can purchase eggs from the small settlement southeast of Kingpaca for 50 Gold Coins.

How to Farm Honey in Palworld

This is the hardest ingredient to find, fortunately, the recipe only requires two of them per cake, but you’ll have to farm them. You can get Honey by defeating the following Pals:

Once the cake has been baked, place it in the chest that is joined to the breeding farm.

Fastest Way To Make Cake

Once you have the ingredients, select the recipe via the cooker, and then wait for it to cook. This will require a Pal that has the "Kindling" iconKindling ability. When you start the process of crafting the cake, you’ll notice how long it takes to cook. The only way you can improve the speed is by getting a higher-level Pal that has a higher Kindling rank, preferably with level 4 in it ("Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis), and then at level 41, unlock and craft the "Electric Kitchen" iconElectric Kitchen, although, bear in mind, this will cost you a lot of resources as well as an Electric Pal.

Now that you have the recipe, know where to find the ingredients, and what you can do to craft the cake faster, you should be in a good spot to breed. If you found this guide helpful, why not check out our other breeding guides?

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