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How to Capture and Breed Shadowbeak - Palworld

Matt Chard

Shadowbeak is one of the most sought-after Pals in Palworld, and for good reason. It has high combat stats, and can be ridden as a flying mount with respectable speed, while having access to a powerful unique skill called "Divine Disaster" iconDivine Disaster which will decimate groups of Pals in one attack. This elusive creature can be found as a rare spawn in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the far northeast of the map. That isn’t the only way you can get "Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak though, as it can be bred by using the breeding farm. Read on to find out exactly where to find Shadowbeak, or how to breed it in Palworld.

Shadowbeak is a majestic bird who soars through the sky.

Shadowbeak Location - Palworld

As mentioned briefly above, you can find Shadowbeak in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a small island situated to the northeast of the Dessicated Desert. Be warned that when you enter this area, you’ll be “trespassing” and committing a crime, as the Pals here are an endangered species. This means that if you’re caught on the island, you’ll be attacked on site by the PDIF, and if you kill any of them, you’ll become Wanted which acts similarly to Grand Theft Auto’s crime system. The difference is that the system feels buggy right now, and the PDIF will follow you into the sea. You can remove the status by leaving the area or returning to base, although this is buggy at the moment, and you may have to relog to remove it.

Back to Shadowbeak, it roams the small island day or night, but it is a rare spawn, meaning you may have to wait a while before it appears. We recommend killing/capturing the Pals here as there are a lot of good Pals such as "Faleris" iconFaleris, "Blazamut" iconBlazamut, "Astegon" iconAstegon, and Orzerk, to name a few, while you wait. Also, if you defeat or capture Astegon, it will drop "Pure Quartz" iconPure Quartz and "Pal Metal Ingot" iconPal Metal Ingots, both of which are needed for late-game recipes. This will make the respawns appear more often, thus giving you a better chance to capture Shadowbeak. Note that Astegon is one of the Pals required to breed Shadowbeak, so make sure you get at least one of them before you go.

(1 of 3) Shadowbeak is a rare spawn at the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Breed Shadowbeak

If you’re not the patient type, or you’re not having any luck with Shadowbeak spawning, you could breed it instead. The only way that you can breed this rare creature is by pairing up a "Kitsun" iconKitsun with an Astegon. If you haven’t done any breeding before, follow our How to Breed Guides. In short, all you need is a breeding farm, two Pals (male and female), an "Egg Incubator" iconEgg Incubator, and some cake (use our Cake Guide if you need help).

(1 of 3) Astegon can be found in the same place as Shadowbeak: the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

For the Kitsun, you can find it around the Frostbound Mountains (Map Marker) during the Night. Despite its habitat, Kitsun is a fire-based Pal and is weak to water, so make sure you bring a water-based Pal to lower its health before capturing it. Note, the Frostbound Mountains area is cold, so you should be wearing some cold-resistant armor and a "Thermal Undershirt" iconThermal Undershirt if you have them. Although Shadowbeak can only be bred with Kitsun and Astegon, it can be used in breeding with other Pals.

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