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Best Rare Base Raid Pals - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Base Raids will happen when you are at your base and can give you an opportunity to catch new Pals. Depending on where your base is situated and at what point in the game you are, raids provide some unique opportunities, especially if you want better Pals than a "Fuack" iconFuack. The guide below goes over the best rare Pals that can appear during a base raid.

Tombat is a great early to mid-game Pal that will occasionally appear during a raid.

Rarest Base Raid Pals in Palworld

Base raids are randomized and will happen when you are visiting your base. Generally, you will either get attacked by humans or Pals. For the most part, the Pals that attack your base will be a bit boring. For example, you will likely see a lot of notifications for man-eating Pal attacks, only to constantly find yourself taking out some weak "Direhowl" iconDirehowls. If you get lucky, though, then there are some truly great Pals you can pick up during raids. While you can’t capture legendary Pals, and bosses aren’t going to come knocking on your door, there are some rarer Pals that you can catch to give you a boost.

Pal Typing Skill
"Beakon" iconBeakon Electric "Thunderous" iconThunderous
"Incineram" iconIncineram Fire/Dark "Flameclaw Hunter" iconFlameclaw Hunter
"Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus Water/Dragon "Hungry Missile" iconHungry Missile
"Tombat" iconTombat Dark "Ultrasonic Sensor" iconUltrasonic Sensor

All of these can be quite dangerous as they are stronger Pals. The "Tombat" iconTombat raid is the easiest to deal with and can happen at low levels, giving you a chance to get a powerful Dark-type Pal early on. "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus raids can be dangerous as they come at high levels, and "Incineram" iconIncinerams have the power to burn down wooden basses. The most dangerous of these is "Beakon" iconBeakon raids. Flying raids are difficult to handle as they can bypass walls and easily get the drop on your weaker Pals. Be sure to switch out the Pals at your base to handle the more powerful raids.

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