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Where to Find Legendary Jetragon - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

"Jetragon" iconJetragon is a legendary Pal in Palworld that can be hard to find. This is due to the Pal being located in a high-level zone that is difficult to navigate. Once you do find it, you will have to engage in a tough fight that can catch some players off guard. The guide below covers how to catch Jetragon and how to breed it in Palworld.

Jetragon is a legendary Pal with a weakness to Ice types.

Where to Find Legendary Jetragon

Jetragon is a legendary Pal that can be found in the western portion of the map. His coordinates are: X: 788 Y: -319. For an exact location, check out our interactive map here. The nearest Eagle Statue is at the Beach of Everlasting Summer south of Jetragon’s location. The location is down from a volcano, so you will need to wear heat-resistant armor in order to avoid taking damage. Jetragon is a Dragon type Pal, meaning he is weak to Ice types. If you already have "Frostallion" iconFrostallion, then the fight will be much easier. If not, check out our guide here to learn how to get it. If you have another strong Ice Pal like "Sweepa" iconSweepa, then you can go ahead and try the fight.

How to Capture Jetragon

Jetragon has both Fire and Dragon type moves to use in the battle, so you will want to bring a full team of Pals or call them back to dodge the fire damage if they are Ice types. Since this is a level 50 Pal, the highest Pal level in the game, there is no way to over-level for the fight, and you will need to be around level 50 yourself to survive. Jetragon has a low capture rate, so you will need to use "Ultra Sphere" iconUltra Spheres and "Legendary Sphere" iconLegendary Spheres to try to capture it. This Pal can drop "Diamond" iconDiamonds, "Carbon Fiber" iconCarbon Fiber, "Polymer" iconPolymer, "Precious Dragon Stone" iconPrecious Dragon Stone, and "Pure Quartz" iconPure Quartz. There is also a chance you will get the "Rocket Launcher" iconRocket Launcher Schematic 4.

Jetragon Attributes

Jetragon has "Gathering" iconGathering three and the Legendary passive skill. This grants the Pal an extra 20% attack, 20% defense, and 15% movement speed. There is no way to get a Lucky Jetragon as they only appear as an Alpha Pal and there is no way to breed a Lucky Pal to get a Jetragon from an egg. Jetragon will come with a full roster of moves, including "Beam Comet" iconBeam Comet, "Fire Ball" iconFire Ball, and "Dragon Meteor" iconDragon Meteor.

How to Breed Jetragon in Palworld

You can breed to get Jetragon, but you’re going to need to capture two. This means fighting the Alpha Boss at least twice. Once you have two Jetragons, you can place them in the breeding pen to get the process started. If you need help with breeding, check out our guide here. Breeding them will give you a "Huge Dragon Egg" iconHuge Dragon Egg that is guaranteed to hatch a Jetragon. Keep in mind that it will be level one and will only know "Spirit Fire" iconSpirit Fire. It will get "Dragon Burst" iconDragon Burst, its first Dragon type move, at level seven.

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