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How to Get High Quality Pal Oils in Palworld

Matt Chard

!High-Quality Pal Oils play an integral part in building weapons and other machinery in Palworld, but when you first need them, they can be difficult to get hold of. Later on, you’ll need them to craft "Polymer" iconPolymer which is required for a lot of late-game crafts, so you may as well stock up now. You can obtain "High Quality Pal Oil" iconHigh Quality Pal Oils by defeating specific Pals such as "Mammorest" iconMammorest, but you can also purchase them from various merchants scattered around the Palpagos Islands. Read on to find out exactly what Pals drop High-Quality Pal Oil, and what merchants sell the items.

Mammorest’s are a good source of High Quality Pal Oils; they’ll drop around five to ten of them per kill or capture.

High Quality Pal Oils Drop Locations

The High Quality Pal Oils drop off the following Pals when either captured or killed. In general, each Pal will drop approximately five to ten oils for each capture/kill.

Map Marker Locations for High-Quality Pal Oils

If you want to see exactly where you can find High-Quality Pal Oils in Palworld, use the links in the table below to view their locations on our interactive map.

(1 of 3) Head to Duneshelter in the Dessicated Desert.

Where to Buy High Quality Pal Oils

The main merchant you’ll want to use is the one in Duneshelter, which is in the Dessicated Desert area, as that will sell you an infinite amount of oils providing you have the gold to purchase it. Although the desert is high-level, you can use your flying mount to get there early. If the merchant isn’t where it’s listed, it’s because they sometimes wander, so you may have to wait for them to return. There are plenty of merchants that wander the islands, but they’re not guaranteed to have them.

Merchant Location Cost
"Wandering Merchant" iconWandering Merchant Duneshelter (Map Marker) 300 each

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There you have it, all the High Quality Oils you could ask for! We recommend farming the "Woolipop" iconWoolipops, Digitoise, and Damuds as they are plentiful. If you want to purchase them instead, why not use our Gold Guides? You may want a fast mount to do this though.

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