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What are Lucky Pals and How to Find Them - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Lucky Pals are one of the most sought-after Pal types in Palworld. These Pals are enhanced versions of regular Pals that are hard to find. Many players have turned to hunting for them, but knowing what to look for can be difficult, and your chances of catching them aren’t always high. In the guide below, we take a look at what Lucky Pals are, how to find them, and whether or not they can be bred.

A Lucky Pal will be sparkling when you get near them.

What Are Lucky Pals in Palworld?

Lucky Pals are Palworld’s version of shinies but with some very big key differences. For starters, Lucky Pals are more than a cosmetic difference. Lucky Pals all come with the Lucky trait. This increases both their work speed and attack by 15%. Additionally, they will have a randomized active skill, and their stats are higher than Pals of the same type and level. You will also find that they have lower catch rates, much like Alpha Pals. This makes them a much more valuable catch than their regular counterparts. Be warned, though, due to their higher stats, catching them will be a bit harder.

When you catch one, you will also receive Ancient Parts, an item drop that you otherwise only get from beating bosses and Alpha Pals. Sadly, the game does handle Lucky Pals like normal Pals, so if one appears and you don’t catch it, it will despawn when you leave the area. We recommend that you always travel with a surplus of "Pal Sphere" iconPal Spheres, especially if you are hunting for Lucky Pals.

How to Find a Lucky Pal

Like Alpha Pals, Lucky Pals are larger in size than their regular versions. They are about double the size of regular Pal and don’t have any cosmetic changes otherwise. This, along with the sparkles that make an audible sparkling noise, helps to set them apart from the other Pals in the area. The sparkles appear constantly, making them easier to spot if you’re running around the area. Once in the "Palbox" iconPalbox, they will be marked with sparkles to help you tell them apart from your regular Pals.

Lucky Pal Spawn Locations

Lucky Pals can spawn anywhere that Pals normally spawn in the world. This includes inside dungeons, in raids, or if you get lucky, a Pal that wanders into your base. The process is completely dictated by RNG, meaning that there is no area where Lucky Pals are more likely to spawn. Additionally, there is varying data on finding your first Lucky Pal. Some players have reported finding them after around ten hours of gameplay. We didn’t find a Lucky Pal until around 30 hours into the game, and some other players have reported similar findings. The good news is that it doesn’t look like it should take any longer than this to find your first Lucky Pal. It’s safe to say that right now, Lucky Pals are incredibly rare.

This can be sped up by constantly loading in and out of an area using a teleporter to spawn in new Pals. This is the quickest way to guarantee that you can get the Lucky Pal of your choice. Keep in mind that Alpha Pals can’t be Lucky Pals. If the Pal isn’t found wandering in the wild, then there is no chance for you to catch a Lucky version. "Paladius" iconPaladius, "Necromus" iconNecromus, "Frostallion" iconFrostallion, Frostallion Noct, and "Jetragon" iconJetragon currently can’t be caught as Lucky Pals in the wild. Tower bosses are also excluded from being Lucky Pals as they likely were never meant to be caught.

Can You Breed For Lucky Pals?

Yes, if you have a Lucky Pal, then you can breed it in the hopes of getting another. This does seem to give you a greater chance of getting a Lucky Pal, but hatching one isn’t guaranteed. Breeding two different Lucky Pals together increases the chance that the offspring will also be Lucky, but they will heavily limit what Lucky Pals you can breed. These Pals will be regular-sized, but you can identify them by the lucky mark next to their stats. This is likely a glitch that will be fixed in future updates. It’s inclusive if you can get a Lucky Pal from a regular egg. If you can, you are likely looking at spending even more in-game time trying to hatch one, as there is a real-world time on incubation. If you are breeding for a Pal that comes from a large or huge egg, the process becomes even more daunting.

As of right now, no players have reported hatching a Lucky Pal from a bred egg or from a wild egg. This is even after many breeding farms have cropped up across the community. Additionally, it may be possible to breed the Pals listed in the section above to finally get a Lucky Version. There doesn’t seem to be a restriction on who can inherit the Lucky Trait. In theory, you should be able to breed any Pal into becoming a Lucky Pal with enough time and patience. For more help with the breeding process, check out our helpful guide here.

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