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Best Skills and Fruit Tree Locations - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

There are a total of 102 moves available in Palworld, many of which can be inherited by a large range of Pals. Each move has a base attack power that works alongside your Pals’ attack power and a cool down time that dictates how quickly you can use the move back to back. Breaking down the attack power to cool down ratio is already hard enough, but you also have to count in how each move works. The guide below is here to break down Pal Skills, how they work, what Skill Fruit is, and which skills are the best in the game.

Skills can be obatined from leveling up your Pals or by using Skill Fruit found growing on Skill Trees.

How Skills Work in Palworld

Skills are the moves that Pals can use to attack, but players won’t be able to input what moves Pals use out of their arsenal. This only changes if the player is riding a Pal, as they can attack on command. Each Pal has a roster of skills it will learn as it levels up, with the first skill being learned at level one and the last being learned at level 50. In fact, all Pals currently learn skills at the same levels. These are levels 1, 7, 15, 22, 30, 40, and 50. Each Pal can have four attacks at the same time, giving them a large variety of attack options later on. You don’t always have to go with your Pals roster, as there are Skill Fruits in the game. Out of the 102 moves, 52 of them can be taught using Skill Fruit. These fruits are picked from Skill Trees and can give you the following skills.

Fruit Color Element Skill Attack Cooldown
Light Blue Ice "Ice Missile" iconIce Missile 30 3
Light Blue Ice "Icicle Cutter" iconIcicle Cutter 55 10
Light Blue Ice "Iceberg" iconIceberg 70 15
Light BLue Ice "Cryst Breath" iconCryst Breath 90 22
Light Blue Ice Blizzard Strike 130 45
Red Fire "Ignis Blast" iconIgnis Blast 30 2
Red Fire "Spirit Fire" iconSpirit Fire 45 7
Red Fire "Flare Arrow" iconFlare Arrow 55 10
Red Fire "Ignis Breath" iconIgnis Breath 70 15
Red Fire "Flare Storm" iconFlare Storm 80 18
Red Fire "Ignis Rage" iconIgnis Rage 120 40
Red Fire "Fire Ball" iconFire Ball 150 55
Light Brown Ground "Sand Blast" iconSand Blast 40 4
Light Brown Ground "Stone Blast" iconStone Blast 55 10
Light Brown Ground "Stone Cannon" iconStone Cannon 70 15
Light Brown Ground "Sand Tornado" iconSand Tornado 80 18
Light Brown Ground "Rock Lance" iconRock Lance 150 55
Purple With Swirls Dark "Poison Blast" iconPoison Blast 30 2
Purple With Swirls Dark "Shadow Burst" iconShadow Burst 55 10
Purple With Swirls Dark "Spirit Flame" iconSpirit Flame 75 16
Purple With Swirls Dark "Nightmare Ball" iconNightmare Ball 100 30
Purple With Swirls Dark "Dark Laser" iconDark Laser 150 55
Yellow Electric "Spark Blast" iconSpark Blast 30 2
Yellow Electric "Shockwave" iconShockwave 40 4
Yellow Electric "Electric Ball" iconElectric Ball 50 9
Yellow Electric "Plasma Tornado" iconPlasma Tornado 65 13
Yellow Electric "Lock-on Laser" iconLock-on Laser 70 15
Yellow Electric "Lightning Streak" iconLightning Streak 75 26
Yellow Electric "Tri-Lightning" iconTri-Lightning 90 22
Yellow Electric "Lightning Strike" iconLightning Strike 120 40
Yellow Electric "Lightning Bolt" iconLightning Bolt 150 55
Pink Dragon "Dragon Cannon" iconDragon Cannon 30 2
Pink Dragon "Dragon Burst" iconDragon Burst 55 10
Pink Dragon "Draconic Breath" iconDraconic Breath 70 15
Pink Dragon "Dragon Meteor" iconDragon Meteor 150 55
White and Brown Striped Neutral "Air Cannon" iconAir Cannon 25 2
White and Brown Striped Neutral "Power Shot" iconPower Shot 35 4
White and Brown Striped Neutral "Power Bomb" iconPower Bomb 70 15
White and Brown Striped Neutral "Pal Blast" iconPal Blast 150 55
White and Brown Striped Neutral "Implode" iconImplode 230 55
Green Grass "Wind Cutter" iconWind Cutter 30 2
Green Grass "Seed Machine Gun" iconSeed Machine Gun 50 9
Green Grass "Seed Mine" iconSeed Mine 65 13
Green Grass "Grass Tornado" iconGrass Tornado 80 18
Green Grass "Spine Vine" iconSpine Vine 95 25
Green Grass "Solar Blast" iconSolar Blast 150 55
Blue Water "Hydro Jet" iconHydro Jet 30 2
Blue Water "Aqua Gun" iconAqua Gun 40 4
Blue Water "Bubble Blast" iconBubble Blast 60 13
Blue Water "Acid Rain" iconAcid Rain 80 18
Blue Water "Aqua Burst" iconAqua Burst 100 30
Blue Water "Hydro Laser" iconHydro Laser 150 55

These fruits also have rarities, with the weakest from each type being easy to find and the strongest being of Epic rarity. The rarer the fruit, the less likely you will be to find it on a Skill Tree. It should also be mentioned that the stronger the attack, the longer its cool-down timer will be. Attacks that deal 155 have a cool-down timer of 55 seconds. Currently, there is no way to reduce cooldown times in Palworld.

Where to Find Skill Fruit Trees

Skill Fruit Trees can be found at various fixed locations around the map and grow three Skill Fruit at a time. These are grown on branches, so you may need to jump or ride a mount to easily pick them up. In some cases, you will find hostile Pals around the trees. You can set up a base at these locations, and your worker pals will pick the fruit and place it in your chest. If you set up multiple bases around Skill Fruit Trees, then you should have a good haul of fruit to choose from after a long play session.

This is by far the best way to get all the fruits and keep a supply of extras on hand. Without this method, you will need to constantly keep a watch on the time to go around picking Skill Fruits. It seems that all Skill Fruit locations have a chance of giving you some. When you want to use a Skill Fruit, simply feed it to the Pal of your choosing. Any Pal can learn any Skill Fruit move regardless of their type. We have found 11 different locations for Skill Fruit Trees.

Skill Fruit Tree Locations

Skill Fruit Tree Area Map Location
Windswept Hills Map Marker
East Windswept Hills Map Marker
Bamboo Groves Map Marker
North Bamboo Groves Map Marker
North Moonless Shore Map Marker
"Forgotten Island" iconForgotten Island Map Marker
"Marsh Island" iconMarsh Island Map Marker
Verdant Brook Map Marker
East Verdant Brook Map Marker
East Astral Mountains Map Marker
Dessicated Desert Map Marker

The Skill Fruits seem to respawn after six hours of playtime, but some players report that it takes up to eight. We don’t yet know if this is impacted by the rarity of fruit that grows on the tree or not.

Best Skills In Palworld

There are quite a few things to consider when looking at the best skills in Palworld. For starters, we know that "Air Cannon" iconAir Cannon is one of the worst as it has the lowest damage output in the game at 25 damage. We also know that "Implode" iconImplode is the most powerful move in the game at 250 basic attack. The problem is that it is also one of the worst moves as it takes out your Pal in the process, and if taught to a Pal, they may use the move randomly, causing you to lose a good teammate.

Furthermore, the top attacks of every typing all deal 150 damage but have extremely long cooldowns of 55 seconds. This can be offset by using other moves, though, so it shouldn’t deter you from teaching these moves. Skills also shouldn’t be judged purely off their attacks, as some hit multiple times while others hit only once. In addition, some attacks can be quite slow to hit their target, and others have a higher chance of missing when fighting some Pals.

It’s best to teach a Pal a balanced roster of moves, so there will be little room between your cooldowns. For example, having "Acid Rain" iconAcid Rain with its 13 second cooldown gives you a move that deals a decent amount of damage but won’t leave your Pal open for long periods of time during combat. Keep in mind that some powerful moves like "Ground Smash" iconGround Smash are only available to a specific Pal, in this case, "Anubis" iconAnubis. With this in mind, we look at some of the best moves in the game below.

Seed Mine

"Seed Mine" iconSeed Mine is a Grass type move that can be looked over easily with a base attack of 65. This move has a cooldown of only 13 seconds, making it quick to reuse. This sends seeds out onto the field that erupt, dealing damage when touched. This move isn’t great against small Pals like "Lamball" iconLamball. When you are fighting Alpha Pals or Pals with a large build, though, the move quickly turns deadly as they will constantly run into the small land mines. This can be taught using a Skill Fruit, and when used with a more powerful Pal, the seeds can deal damage in the 1000s, making them extra helpful when fighting the game’s bosses.

Lightning Streak

Lighting Streak is a devastating Electric type move with a base attack of 75 and a 40 second cooldown. It fires off in a straight line, hitting four times before dissipating. Once again, this will hit small Pals less, but with its power, it will likely wipe them out. When aimed correctly, this can quickly take down any Pal standing in front of you. This move has been known to half the health of Pals ten levels above your own when used on the right Pal. To make it even more devastating, it has a chance of paralyzing the Pals that come into contact with it. Luckily, lighting streaks can also be taught by finding a Skill Fruit.

Divine Disaster - Shadowbeak Only

"Divine Disaster" iconDivine Disaster is a move that only "Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak can learn, but it’s a Pal that you should always have on your team when going into a fight. This move will be known by all level 40 Shadowbeaks and up, with a starting attack of 160 and a 45 second cooldown. When activated, Shadowbeak flies forward, releasing Orbs. These Orbs catch the Pals around Shadowbeak and then erupt into a barrage of lasers. The captured enemies won’t be able to attack, making the move an even sweeter choice. This is one of the most reliable moves in the game, and since you can ride Shadowbeak, it can be triggered automatically.

Blizzard Strike

Blizzard Strike is an Ice type move that can get overlooked due to its lower attack of 130 compared to some of the other high-level Skill Fruit moves. This move has a cooldown of 45 seconds. The move has two parts: the first summons a spike of ice from under your enemy, and the second causes the spike to dissipate, setting off an AoE that will also damage other nearby enemies, giving you a double-hit attack. This move can cause afflicted enemies to become Frozen, giving you an opening to deal even more damage without the enemy Pal being able to respond.

Fire Ball

Fireball is a Fire type move with a base damage of 150 and a 55 second cooldown. This is a move that is best used in close range as when it’s activated, it will deal damage before the "Fire Ball" iconFire Ball itself is launched from your Pal and eventually explodes. This may be best used with Pals, which you can ride to ensure that you are getting the double hit damage. This is another move that can be learned from a Skill Fruit, easily allowing you to teach it to any ridable Pal in the game. As a bonus, it can also set damaged Pals on fire, dealing additional damage over time.

Other Skill Considerations

Many of the other Pal locked skills, like "Kerauno" iconKerauno, are extremely effective but don’t give players the versatility of using different Pals. In Shadowbeak’s case, Divine Disaster is one of the best moves in the game, if not the best, making it a must for a strong team. Anubis also comes close to this as he has two exclusive Ground type moves that are rather powerful, putting him on par with the moves mentioned above for players who want to use him. Additionally, most of the other Epic Skill Fruit moves are a good choice, but the ones we tested above stood out the most.

Keep in mind that using breeding can play a pivotal role in how hard attacks hit. Pals with the Legendary and Lucky traits on them get an extra boost to attack, and Alpha Pals have higher stats than ones that are caught naturally. There are over 1000 possible team and breeding combinations, so using the moves above as a basis, along with good traits and Pals that boost certain attack types, can help your attacks climb into the 1000s to perform devastating amounts of damage.

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