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Best Uses For Gold in Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Gold is a precious resource at the start of Palworld as the currency is gathered pretty slowly. With a limited amount of Gold in your inventory, you are likely wondering what you can use it for and what are the best things to buy with it. The guide below covers tips for where to use Gold and what the best ways to spend it are.

Merchants offer several different items for players to choose from.

How to Use Gold in Palworld?

Gold is the main currency of Palworld, used to purchase items from Merchants. There are three types of Merchants currently in the game: Merchants, "Pal Merchant" iconPal Merchants. and the Black Marketeer. Normal Merchants buy and sell items and Schematics. These can be a bit pricey early on in the game as Schematics cost around 500 Gold, and a single "Pal Sphere" iconPal Sphere will cost you 120 Gold. Pal Merchants and Black Marketeers buy and sell Pals. Merchants and Pal Merchants wander around the map and will come to your base every now and then. Black Marketeers, on the other hand, have set locations that you have to visit, and they can be found throughout the islands. You can also capture all three of these merchants to have them permanently stationed at your base.

Can You Steal Items From Merchants?

No, you can not steal items or kill Merchants to make them drop their inventory. If you are looking to get a better inventory from them, you can capture the Merchant and then place it in your "Palbox" iconPalbox. When you take them back out, they will have a different inventory. You should also note that when killing a merchant, you will be attacked by the PIDF and they will take a bit of time to respawn, barring you from buying items from them until they do.

What’s The Best Way to Spend Gold in Palworld?

There are quite a few uses for Gold in Palworld such as buying items, schematics, and Pals. Most items you can purchase from a Merchant can be made at your base, and for the most part it’s a waste of time to buy these unless you really just need a few more Palspheres and don’t want to wait for them to be made. Schematics are also useful, but keep in mind that these items can be unlocked by using technology points. The best use for Gold by far is buying Pals.

This becomes a little less necessary later on, but you can buy some pretty decent Pals from the Pal Merchant. This allows you to gain access to more Pals without having to waste time tracking them down and then catching them. The Black Marketeer typically sells rarer Pals, but they will come with a higher price tag. During the starting parts of the game, it’s best to save up Gold or start up a Gold farm, giving you enough to buy Pals that you need duplicates of or haven’t come across in the game yet. If you need help with figuring out the best ways to farm Gold, then check out our guide here.

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