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All Black Marketeer Locations - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

The Black Marketeer is a merchant from whom you can buy rarer Pals. This can be especially useful in the early to mid-game when he sells strong Pals that you don’t yet have access to. They can be a bit hard to find and only spawn in certain spots around the map. The guide below goes over all the locations that the Black Marketeer is known to spawn.

The Black Marketeer at the Abandoned Mineshaft is the easiest to find.

Where to Find the Black Marketeer Merchant

The Black Marketeer is a bit tricky to find as he doesn’t always spawn. It seems that there is a bit of RNG to where the Black Marketeer can appear, and in some cases, the locations where they spawn are hard to reach. If you are trying to spawn one, just reload the area until the Black Marketeer appears. We have confirmed 13 different Black Marketeer spawn points. It’s also worth mentioning that the Black Marketeer, like other merchants, can be caught to use at your base.

In this case, you can even refresh the Black Marketeer’s inventory by taking him in and out of your "Palbox" iconPalbox. Be warned, though, due to this NPC’s high level, the fight can be rather hard. The Black Marketeer usually sells five Pals at a time, but in rare instances, he can sell up to six. The Black Marketeer can also sell lost Pals. The type of Pals and their levels are randomized.

Black Marketeer Map Coordinates - Palworld

The table below goes over every location where the Black Marketeer can spawn and their map coordinates.

Location Coordinates
Abandoned Mineshaft 32, 410
Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings 135, 368
Cove Mineshaft 250, 153
Wild Island 471, 266
Mount "Flopie" iconFlopie 20, 95
Icy Weasel Hill 35, 215
Ruined Fortress 600, 230
South Windswept Hills 13, 541
Free Pal Alliance Tower 200, 25
Secret Mineshaft 495, 339
Frostbound Mountains 145, 159
Mount Obsidian 488, 528
The Duneshelter 343, 362

Generally, we haven’t had much problem getting the Black Marketeer to spawn when checking the Abandoned Mineshaft. This is also the easiest Black Marketeer to access in the early game, so it’s an important stop to make during the player’s journey. There are no strong Pals around the location, making it a rather safe area to travel through. It’s worth noting that Black Marketeers in harder areas don’t seem to have better stock than those in low-level areas. We only recommend visiting the Black Marketeers in the stronger areas after you have leveled. It seems that the Marketeers that are out in the open are more prone to not appearing, but this could be due to how our games RNG performed during our tests.

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