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Best Pal Breeding Combinations for Every Stage of the Game - Palworld

Matt Chard

Breeding in Palworld is one of the best ways to get the most powerful Pals, but to breed them, it’ll cost you a lot of time and resources. However, if you had a list of the best Pals in the game, and knew exactly how to breed them, it would cut down on those issues. This list will not only show you what are the best pals to breed, but why they are the best, and what they have to offer you. That way, you can pick and choose each Pal for the task you want them for. Read on to find out what the top 10 Pals are in Palworld, and how to breed them.

One of the best early-game Pals is Daedream, and you can see why.

Top 10 Endgame Combat Pals in Palworld

Here’s a list of the best Pals that we consider for Endgame. These Pals are at a high level and have some of the highest stats in the game. If one or more Pal is at the same level of combat, then their other traits will be taken into consideration. Further below, you’ll find out what makes each of these Pals special, and what you need to breed them. Each of these Pals will be at their max level of five which can be reached by putting them into the condenser. Note that most of these can only be bred with themselves (for traits). Ideally, you’ll want some of the following traits: Legend, Ferocious, Musclehead, Lucky, and Burly Body.

Lyleen Noct

"Lyleen Noct" iconLyleen Noct is mainly in this list for its healing spell that greatly restores your health, but it does have decent stats and skills to go with it. You can breed "Lyleen" iconLyleen Noct by fusing Lyleen with "Menasting" iconMenasting.


"Blazamut" iconBlazamut has high attack and defense with moderate health. It can be used as a mount, and it’ll change your attacks to the fire element. On top of that, it has a passive that increases its fire damage by 20%! You can breed Blazamut by placing a "Suzaku" iconSuzaku Aqua with a Blazamut.


You can technically breed "Anubis" iconAnubis early, but it’s good enough to be on this list due to its unique ability to dodge enemies’ attacks. This gives it survivability while also boasting high health and attack with modest defense. Anubis will also add the ground element to your attacks. You can breed Anubis by fusing a "Digtoise" iconDigtoise and "Mammorest" iconMammorest on the farm.


The dual-element "Jormuntide" iconJormuntide is both a Dragon and Water Pal. With high health and attack while also having moderate defense Jormuntide is a Pal to be reckoned with! Jormuntide’s attack is further bolstered by its Lord of the Sea passive which grants it +20% water damage. You can breed Jormuntide by fusing "Grizzbolt" iconGrizzbolt and "Nitewing" iconNitewing.

Jormuntide Ignis

Finally, you have "Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis. Similar stats to the regular Jormuntide, albeit with slightly higher attack. Jormuntide Ignis has a mixture of dragon and fire skills with enhanced fire attacks while it’s mounted. You can only breed Jormuntide Ignis with itself.

Anubis has a unique ability where it can dodge enemy attacks.


"Necromus" iconNecromus has high attack and health with high defense. It’s generally a powerhouse in all aspects including an exclusive skill called “"Twin Spears" iconTwin Spears”. It also has a passive that can increase its dark damage attacks by 20%! You can only breed Necromus with itself.


"Paladius" iconPaladius has a very high defense with high attack and health. It is of the normal element which means it isn’t strong or weak to any element. All of its skills are either the normal or ice element with the former getting bolstered an extra 20% from its passive. Paladius’ exclusive skill is “"Spear Thrust" iconSpear Thrust”, where it’ll charge at the enemy with its spear pointing forward. You can only breed Paladius with itself.


"Frostallion" iconFrostallion boasts very high attack and health with high defense. Most of its attacks are ice-based and can inflict freeze, which is further boosted by 20% extra damage from its passive. Frostallion also comes with the exclusive skill “"Crystal Wing" iconCrystal Wing”. You can only breed Frostallion by itself.

Frostallion Noct

Frostallion is similar to its icy brethren other than its higher defense, and most of its skills are of the dark element. It still has Frostallion’s Crystal Wing skill, however. You can breed Frostallion Noct by placing Frostallion with a "Helzephyr" iconHelzephyr on the farm.


"Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak has a very high defense with high attack and health. Not only does Shadowbeak make a great mount, but with its "Modified DNA" iconModified DNA partner skill it gets an enhanced dark attack when you’re on it. This has the potential to make it one of the strongest Pals in the game. Like most of the Pals in the list, Shadowbeak has an exclusive skill called “Diving Disaster”. You can breed Shadowbeak by placing a "Kitsun" iconKitsun and "Astegon" iconAstegon on the farm.

Top 10 Mid-Game Combat Pals in Palworld


"Katress" iconKatress doesn’t bring anything special to combat, but it does offer you decent stats, increased drop rates, and some good combat skills in "Shadow Burst" iconShadow Burst, "Spirit Flame" iconSpirit Flame, and "Nightmare Ball" iconNightmare Ball. You can breed Katress by placing both "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer and "Kingpaca" iconKingpaca on the farm.


"Fenglope" iconFenglope has good attack stats and is one of the best ground mounts in Palworld. On the flip side, its skills leave a lot to be desired. You can breed Fenglope by placing a "Tanzee" iconTanzee and Katress in the farm.


"Petallia" iconPetallia is a grass-type Pal that can heal you. Although healing is the primary reason for taking it, it does offer some decent attack skills to enemies weak to grass, especially "Seed Machine Gun" iconSeed Machine Gun. You can breed Petallia by fusing "Rushoar" iconRushoar and Nitewing.


"Bushi" iconBushi is a really strong performer during the mid-game due to its high attack stats, and powerful skills including the unique "Iaigiri" iconIaigiri skill. The only downside to Bushi is their low defense. You can breed Bushi by fusing "Dinossom" iconDinossom and Kingpaca.


Decent attack, high defense, and one of the better flying mounts in the game, "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk is a must-have. On top of that, it has a nice set of skills, although nothing too spectacular. You can breed Ragnahawk by popping both "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus and "Cinnamoth" iconCinnamoth into the farm.

Warsect is a durable Pal who will buff your defense.


"Sweepa" iconSweepa combat stats are weaker, but if you place it in the party full of "Swee" iconSwee, its stats will skyrocket due to its “"King of Fluff" iconKing of Fluff” partner skill. Also, Sweepa has a lot of skills that can inflict freeze. You can breed Sweepa by fusing "Elizabee" iconElizabee and Cinnamoth into the farm.


Similar to Sweepa, "Mossanda" iconMossanda’s combat stats are below average, but if you pop a saddle on it, you can use its powerful grenade launcher partner skill, “"Grenadier Panda" iconGrenadier Panda”, which allows you to rapidly fire grenades at your foes. You can breed Mossanda by placing a "Surfent" iconSurfent and Mammorest on the farm.


Helzephyr has high attack, moderate health, and moderate defense which makes it an all-around good combat Pal. Its partner skill, “"Wings of Death" iconWings of Death”, applies the dark element to your attacks while you’re mounted which further adds to its usefulness. You can breed Helzephyr by fusing a "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx and "Beakon" iconBeakon on the farm.


The dual-element "Orserk" iconOrserk is both a Dragon and Electric Pal. With high attack, moderate health, and moderate defense, Orserk is a great fighter but the main reason it’s so good is because it can be further buffed by placing "Jolthog" iconJolthogs in the party, which will increase its damage further! You can breed Orserk by fusing Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus.


Finally, you have "Warsect" iconWarsect. A dual-element of ground and grass. Warsect is different to the rest as it is more of a tank; meaning it has high defense and health. That doesn’t mean it can’t do damage though as it has a modest attack too. This is why Warsect is one of our favorite Pals. You can breed Warsect by placing a Kingpaca and Beakon on the farm.

Top 10 Early Game Combat Pals in Palworld


Bred by placing a "Mau" iconMau and a "Chikipi" iconChikipi in the farm, among other combinations. "Teafant" iconTeafant won’t bring much damage to your team, but it will have a healing skill that is invaluable at an early level. Only bring it into the party when you need to use its skill though as it doesn’t have a lot of staying power.


Foxsparks isn’t particularly good as a combat pal, but you can use it as a flamethrower which is why it gets into the list. Bred with a Mau and "Ribbuny" iconRibbuny, you should only use Foxsparks on enemies weak to fire, such as "Penking" iconPenking.


Swee’s are pretty poor until you get Sweepa, and then they become devastating. Swee’s will buff Sweepa’s damage, so it’s best to get them early, in time for when you get Sweepa.


"Pengullet" iconPengullet is a surprisingly strong early game Pal. Its "Hydro Jet" iconHydro Jet and Aqua gun skills deal respectable damage during the early portion of the game, especially if the enemy is weak to water. You can breed Pengullet by fusing a "Lamball" iconLamball and a "Gumoss" iconGumoss as one of many combinations.


Jolthog is great against enemies weak to electric. The reason it made this list is due to the "Jolt Bomb" iconJolt Bomb partner skill. This gives you a nice early area-of-effect skill at the beginning of the game.

The Lifmunk will sit on your head and spray down enemies with its sub machine gun.


"Hoocrates" iconHoocrates is a powerful early-game Pal. When placed in a party of "Daedream" iconDaedreams, it’ll buff their dark damage skills. This strong early-game group is recommended to use during your most difficult battles, including the first tower fight. You can breed Hoocrates by fusing a Mau and Swee.


Tanzee is generally good at everything. It has decent stats for working, has good attack skills, and its "Cheery Rifle" iconCheery Rifle partner skill is powerful and can be unlocked at level 12. Tanzee can be bred by fusing a Rushoar and a Jolthog.


"Lifmunk" iconLifmunk is similar to Tanzee, but better in every way. Lifmunk’s partner skill is for it to sit on your head with a submachine gun, which can be unlocked at level 11. You can breed Lifmunk by placing a Teafant and "Depresso" iconDepresso.


"Gobfin" iconGobfins are particularly good if you have a full party of them, as their partner skill will improve your own character’s attack power. When not used for their buff, Hydro Jet and "Power Shot" iconPower Shot deal modest damage. You can breed a Gobfin by fusing a Jolthog and "Chillet" iconChillet.


The reason Daedream is here is because you can craft a Daedream Necklace. This allows you to have five Daedreams out at the same time! Ideally, you’ll replace one Daedream with a Hoocrates, as it’ll buff the damage that the Daedreams do when it sits in your party. Daedream can be fused by placing a Pengullet and "Leezpunk" iconLeezpunk into the farm.

There you have it, a top ten list for each stage of the game. As with all lists like these, this is our opinion, and there are plenty of good Pals outside of the lists we provided.

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