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How to Capture Paladius and Necromus in Palworld

Matt Chard

Paladius and Necromus in Palworld are fueled by compassion and hatred. Once the same Pal, they split into two due to their emotions. Now you have two; "Paladius" iconPaladius, a legendary normal-type pal who was born from compassion, and "Necromus" iconNecromus, a legendary dark Pal born from negative emotions such as hatred. This dynamic duo prowls the sands of the Dessicated Desert fighting any passerby in tandem. These level 50 Pals are two of four Legendary Pals currently in the game, and both come with the “Legendary” passive skill, which bolsters the Shot Attack and Defense by 20% while also giving them an extra 15% Movement Speed. Furthermore, each one will come with another passive skill that will enhance their element (Paladius = Normal, Necromus = !Dark) by a further 20%. These two are some of the strongest Pals in the game, and you can only get them by finding and capturing them. Read on to find out their exact location, and what you’ll need to capture them.

Paladius and Necromus are one of the most difficult battles in the game.

Paladius and Necromus Location - Palworld

These two Pals will follow each other around and will always be together, so you’ll need to fight both at the same time, unless you fight them at night. This is because Paladius will sleep during the night, but Necromus is nocturnal, so it’ll be awake. They generally roam around the northern part of the Dessicated Desert at these coordinates: X: 447 Y: 679 (Map Marker). The easiest way to get to them is by teleporting to the Deep Sand Dunes waypoint, and then fly north/northwest toward the northern tip of the desert. This is a difficult battle for obvious reasons, and you’ll need to come well-prepared with the best gear to lower their health enough to capture them.

(1 of 2) You can find both Paladius and Necromus together at the northern part of Dessicated Desert.

You can find both Paladius and Necromus together at the northern part of Dessicated Desert. (left), Make sure you fight them at night as Paladius will sleep, allowing you to fight a one vs. one against Necromus. (right)

How to Defeat Paladius and Necromus

Before you even think about taking on this dastardly duo, make sure you have the following gear, pals, and items.

Recommended Equipment

The equipment listed in the table below is generally the best you can make, and you’ll need it against these Pals. Starting at the top, the Legendary Rocket Launcher deals the most damage in the game for the player, and it can also knock back and stun enemies. Furthermore, it hits in an area, so it can hit both of them at once with careful positioning. If you don’t have the schematic, craft the regular version. You’ll want approximately 100–150 rockets for this battle. Next on the list is the "Assault Rifle" iconAssault Rifle, this packs a punch, but it will eat through your ammo, so ideally you’ll have around 750-1000 assault rifle ammo in your inventory. For the headpiece, you’ll want the Legendary Pal Metal "Helmet" iconHelmet if you have the schematic; if you’re not so lucky, use the "Pal Metal Helm" iconPal Metal Helm.

Now, you’ll see two different armors, Cold-resistant, and heat-resistant "Pal Metal Armor" iconPal Metal Armors. The reason for this is that it’s freezing at night (when you’ll start the battle), but it’s sweltering during the day, so you’ll need to switch them mid-battle when the sun comes up. "Hyper Shield" iconHyper Shield is up next, and that’s purely because it’s the best shield in the game currently. Finally, you have the two accessories. All accessories are a low drop from Alpha Bosses, so you’ll need to get lucky to get them. These will help but don’t worry too much if you can’t get hold of them. The "Life Pendant +2" iconLife Pendant +2 will greatly increase your health while the "Ring of Dark Resistance +2" iconRing of Dark Resistance +2 will greatly reduce the damage you take from Necromus. Most of these are unlocked late in the game, which shouldn’t matter as you should be level 50 to fight these bosses anyway.

Aside from the gear listed above, you’ll want to bring along a plethora of "Legendary Sphere" iconLegendary Spheres as the Capture Rate is low for both of these Pals due to their level, and you’ll end up failing a lot. We recommend around 50, but more is always welcome. For Food, you should use either "Rushoar Hot Dog" iconRushoar Hot Dogs (+20% Defense), "Eikthyrdeer Stew" iconEikthyrdeer Stew (+20% Defense), "Omelet" iconOmelet (+10% Attack) or "Rushoar" iconRushoar Bacon and "Egg" iconEggs (+10% Attack), which can all be made in the "Electric Kitchen" iconElectric Kitchen.

(1 of 4) You’ll want to make two armors for the Paladius and Necromus battle. Cold-Resistant Pal Metal Armor at level 50.

Best Pals for Paladius and Necromus

For Pals, you should bring along Dark and Dragon-type Pals as Paladius is weak to Dark, and Necromus is weak to Dragon. The first Pal on the list is "Astegon" iconAstegon which is the only Pal that has both the Dragon and Dark elements; just make sure you only use its Dragon attacks on Necromus and Dark attacks on Paladius. Next up is "Frostallion" iconFrostallion Noct. Another strong Pal with Dark Skills as well as being able to inflict freeze with its exclusive skill. Furthermore, Frostallion Noct can change the element of your attacks to Dark, meaning you’ll deal more damage to Paladius (but less to Necromus). "Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak is picked predominantly for its "Divine Disaster" iconDivine Disaster exclusive skill which deals a staggering amount of damage due to its Dragon properties. "Lyleen Noct, Empress of the Abyss" iconLyleen Noct, Empress of the Abyss is a Dragon-Type Pal who can also heal you. This makes it fantastic at dealing damage to Necromus while keeping you healthy. Finally, you have "Hoocrates" iconHoocrates who is only taken because it will increase the damage of your Dark Pals by 20% just by being in the party.

Pal Location
"Astegon, Ravager of Stars" iconAstegon, Ravager of Stars Map Marker, No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
"Frostallion Noct, Legendary Steed of Darkness" iconFrostallion Noct, Legendary Steed of Darkness Breed "Frostallion" iconFrostallion (Map Marker) with "Helzephyr" iconHelzephyr (Verdant Brook)
"Shadowbeak, Unknown Life Form" iconShadowbeak, Unknown Life Form No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
"Lyleen Noct, Empress of the Abyss" iconLyleen Noct, Empress of the Abyss Breed "Lyleen" iconLyleen (No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary) with "Menasting" iconMenasting (No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary)
"Hoocrates" iconHoocrates During the night in the beginner areas.

Can You Breed Paladius and Necromus?

Note that all these tips are only recommendations, and if you have enough skill, you can do it with less. It’s also worth noting that you can’t breed Paladius or Necromus with another Pal, although they can be bred with themselves if you want to obtain better passive skills. For example, Paladius can be bred with another Paladius, the same goes for Necromus.

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