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All Fire Pals and Map Locations - Palworld

Matt Chard

There are nine elements in Palworld: Electric, Water, Fire, Grass, Ground, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Neutral. Each of these elements is assigned to a Pal who will get relevant skills and work suitability tasks tied to it. If a Pal is of a specific element, such as Ice, it will be strong against one element (fire has two) while weak against another. Fire-type pals are strong against Grass and Ice while being weak against Water. There are currently 22 Fire-based Pals in Palworld, read on to find out who they are, and how you can get hold of them.

Fire Pals are strong against Ice and Grass Pals. They’re also pretty useful for cooking and smelting.

Every Fire Pal in Palworld

Fire Pals are strong against Pals of a Grass or Ice type while being weak to Water. Generally, Fire Pals favor the "Kindling" iconKindling work suitability task, which makes them ideal for any furnace or cooking job in the base. This list will tell you what their partner skill is, where to capture them, and how to breed them.

Fire Pal Map Locations

Name Rarity Partner Skill Location Breeding
"Arsox" iconArsox Common "Warm Body" iconWarm Body Map Marker, Map Marker "Loupmoon" iconLoupmoon + "Bushi" iconBushi, "Pyrin" iconPyrin + "Fuddler" iconFuddler, "Woolipop" iconWoolipop + "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk
"Blazamut" iconBlazamut Epic "Magma Kaiser" iconMagma Kaiser Southeast cave in Mount Obsidian, No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary (rare spawn) "Suzaku" iconSuzaku Aqua + "Blazamut" iconBlazamut, "Blazamut" iconBlazamut + "Blazamut" iconBlazamut
"Blazehowl" iconBlazehowl Rare "Hellflame Lion" iconHellflame Lion Northwest section of Mount Obsidian "Rushoar" iconRushoar + "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus, "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer + "Penking" iconPenking, "Dazzi" iconDazzi + "Beakon" iconBeakon
"Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct Epic "Darkflame Lion" iconDarkflame Lion All over Mount Obsidian "Felbat" iconFelbat + "Blazehowl" iconBlazehowl, "Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct + "Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct
"Bushi" iconBushi Rare "Brandish Blade" iconBrandish Blade Southern area of Mount Obsidian, No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer + "Pyrin" iconPyrin, "Digtoise" iconDigtoise + "Nitewing" iconNitewing, "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx + "Leezpunk" iconLeezpunk
"Faleris" iconFaleris Epic "Scorching Predator" iconScorching Predator No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary "Anubis" iconAnubis + "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm, "Faleris" iconFaleris + "Faleris" iconFaleris
"Flambelle" iconFlambelle Common "Magma Tears" iconMagma Tears Map Marker "Lifmunk" iconLifmunk + "Depresso" iconDepresso, "Tocotoco" iconTocotoco + "Lamball" iconLamball, "Foxparks" iconFoxparks + "Sparkit" iconSparkit
"Foxparks" iconFoxparks Common Huggy Fire Map Marker, Map Marker, Map Marker "Mau" iconMau + "Ribbuny" iconRibbuny, "Lifmunk" iconLifmunk + "Jolthog" iconJolthog, "Chikipi" iconChikipi + "Swee" iconSwee
"Gobfin Ignis" iconGobfin Ignis Common "Angry Shark" iconAngry Shark Northwest section of Mount Obsidian "Gobfin" iconGobfin + "Rooby" iconRooby, "Gobfin Ignis" iconGobfin Ignis + "Gobfin Ignis" iconGobfin Ignis
"Incineram" iconIncineram Common "Flameclaw Hunter" iconFlameclaw Hunter Western side of Mount Obsidian "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer + "Mammorest" iconMammorest, "Digtoise" iconDigtoise + "Elizabee" iconElizabee, "Gorirat" iconGorirat + "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx
"Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis Epic "Stormbringer Lava Dragon" iconStormbringer Lava Dragon No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary "Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis + "Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis
"Kelpsea Ignis" iconKelpsea Ignis Common "Lava Spout" iconLava Spout Map Marker "Gorirat" iconGorirat + "Chikipi" iconChikipi, "Teafant" iconTeafant + "Direhowl" iconDirehowl, "Depresso" iconDepresso + "Rooby" iconRooby
"Kitsun" iconKitsun Rare "Clear Mind" iconClear Mind Frostbound Mountains "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer + "Tombat" iconTombat, "Gobfin" iconGobfin + "Surfent" iconSurfent, "Melpaca" iconMelpaca + "Petallia" iconPetallia
"Leezpunk Ignis" iconLeezpunk Ignis Common "Sixth Sense" iconSixth Sense Northwest section of Mount Obsidian, East of Verdant Brook (east of the Sealed Realm of the Swift) "Leezpunk" iconLeezpunk + "Flambelle" iconFlambelle, "Leezpunk Ignis" iconLeezpunk Ignis + "Leezpunk Ignis" iconLeezpunk Ignis
"Pyrin" iconPyrin Rare "Red Hare" iconRed Hare Map Marker "Reptyro" iconReptyro + "Nitewing" iconNitewing, "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus + "Mossanda" iconMossanda, "Mammorest" iconMammorest + "Nitewing" iconNitewing
"Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct Rare "Black Hare" iconBlack Hare All over Mount Obsidian "Pyrin" iconPyrin + "Katress" iconKatress, "Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct + "Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct
"Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk Rare "Flame Wing" iconFlame Wing Western side of Mount Obsidian "Grizzbolt" iconGrizzbolt + "Surfent" iconSurfent, "Elphidran" iconElphidran + "Beakon" iconBeakon, "Azurobe" iconAzurobe + "Lyleen" iconLyleen
"Reptyro" iconReptyro Rare "Ore-loving Beast" iconOre-loving Beast Map Marker, Map Marker "Mammorest" iconMammorest + "Warsect" iconWarsect, "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus Lux + "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk, "Grizzbolt" iconGrizzbolt + "Sibelyx" iconSibelyx
"Rooby" iconRooby Common "Tiny Spark" iconTiny Spark Map Marker, Map Marker, Map Marker "Teafant" iconTeafant + "Dinossom" iconDinossom, "Jolthog" iconJolthog + "Lovander" iconLovander, "Hangyu" iconHangyu + "Melpaca" iconMelpaca
"Suzaku" iconSuzaku Epic "Wings of Flame" iconWings of Flame Map Marker, Map Marker, Map Marker "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx + "Blazamut" iconBlazamut, "Frostallion" iconFrostallion + "Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak, "Blazamut" iconBlazamut + "Astegon" iconAstegon
"Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm Common "Aerial Marauder" iconAerial Marauder Map Marker, Map Marker, Map Marker "Univolt" iconUnivolt + "Bushi" iconBushi, "Melpaca" iconMelpaca + "Sweepa" iconSweepa, "Robinquill" iconRobinquill + "Mammorest" iconMammorest
"Wixen" iconWixen Rare "Lord Fox" iconLord Fox Map Marker "Lovander" iconLovander + "Hoocrates" iconHoocrates, "Vixy" iconVixy + "Celaray" iconCelaray, "Broncherry" iconBroncherry + "Cremis" iconCremis

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