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Fastest Ground Mounts in Palworld

Matt Chard

The more you play through Palworld, the more you’ll find out that Pals offer you many services. Some Pals will even let you ride them, provided you have their saddle. Mounts will let you either ride them along the ground, or fly them to reach a place that was once thought unreachable. Read on to find out which ground mount is the fastest for each stage of the game.

Fastest Early Game Ground Mounts

Although there is quite the selection at the beginning of the game, "Direhowl" iconDirehowl is probably your best bet, but be warned that it has low stamina. However, "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer, who has overall less top speed, has more stamina and if you use its "Antler Uppercut" iconAntler Uppercut skill, you can get more speed out of it due to it charging a fair distance. In short, Direhowl is your best ground mount in the early game, but Eikthyrdeer is also more than adequate.

The Direhowl can be obtained early and will serve you well until you need to upgrade.

How to Get Direhowl Saddle

The Direhowl Saddle is unlocked at level nine, and it’ll cost you 10x "Leather" iconLeather, 20x "Wood" iconWood, 20x "Fiber" iconFiber, and 10x "Paldium Fragment" iconPaldium Fragments. This will require you to spend 1 technology point to unlock the recipe.

Fastest Mid-Game Ground Mounts

For the mid-game, you have a few choices with "Pyrin" iconPyrin being the quickest by a big margin, although you won’t get it until later. Other great ground mounts are "Rayhound" iconRayhound, "Fenglope" iconFenglope, and "Univolt" iconUnivolt which you’ll be able to get slightly earlier. In short, get a Rayhound until you can get a Pyrin, and then use that until you reach the endgame.

Pyrin will last you until you can get one of the endgame mounts.

How to Get the Pyrin Saddle

The "Pyrin Saddle" iconPyrin Saddle unlocks at level 30, costing you 25x Leather, 30x Fiber, 20x "Flame Organ" iconFlame Organs, 15x "Ingot" iconIngots and 25x Paldium Fragments. This will require you to spend 2 technology points to unlock the recipe.

Fastest Endgame Ground Mounts

The fastest ground mount in the endgame is "Necromus" iconNecromus, although "Paladius" iconPaladius is close behind. Bear in mind that these are legendary Pals, thus making them difficult to get, so you should only attempt to get them when you have the best equipment, pals, and legendary spheres. Both Paladius and Necromus can be located in the northern region of the Dessicated Desert, situated west of No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Necromus is the fastest ground mount in the game, with its partner in crime, Paladius, not far behind it.

How to Get Necromus and Paladius Saddle

Necromus and Paladius’ saddle is unlocked at level 49 and will set you back the following materials: 100x Leather, 300x Ingots, 200x "Refined Ingot" iconRefined Ingots, and 85x Paldium Fragments for each saddle. These will require you to spend 5 technology points each to unlock the recipe.

The aforementioned list solely considers speed and stamina, and any other utility is not taken into account. There are a lot of good mounts like "Kingpaca" iconKingpaca that will give you more utility at the cost of speed, so bear that in mind when you choose your ground mount.

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