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Best Flying Mounts in Palworld

Matt Chard

Pals in Palworld aren’t only for combat or to be work slaves; they can also act as a mount. Some Pals are better at the job than others, and with all the different flying Pals in the game, it can be difficult to know which one does the job the best outside of trying them out yourself. In short, Jetragon is the fastest mount in the game, but you won’t get it until level 40+, so read below to find out which flying mount is the best for each stage of the game.

Best Early-Game Flying Mounts

For the early game mounts, you’re going to be limited as there aren’t many available during that level range. In fact, you only have "Nitewing" iconNitewing, and then "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm a few levels later. You can get Nitewing as early as level 10, and it’ll last you until around level 20 when Vanwyrm will take over. Although not much faster, Vanwyrm will take over until your 30s when mid-game will start, and you’ll have a few more options.

Nitewing is the first flying mount you’ll find in the game.

Best Mid-Game Flying Mounts

When you reach level 30, you will get a few more options. In the early thirties, you can get "Helzephyr" iconHelzephyr which is approximately 30% quicker than Vanwyrm, but if you hold off for a few more levels, "Beakon" iconBeakon becomes available. Beakon is slightly faster than Helzephyr but has slightly less stamina, which means it’ll need to rest more often. In the late thirties, you can get "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk who again exchanges a bit of stamina for a slight increase in speed, but if you wait for a level or two, you can acquire "Faleris" iconFaleris; who will last until end-game.

Faleris can be found in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Endgame Flying Mounts

From level 45 onwards, you get a lot more choices, well, that is if you don’t want the fastest mount. The fastest endgame mount is by far "Jetragon" iconJetragon which has triple the speed of the next closest flying mount, but you will need to rest more frequently with it as Jetragon forgoes its stamina for pure speed. Both "Frostallion" iconFrostallion, and Frostallion Noct are worthy mentions, but they just can’t keep up with Jetragon.

Jetragon can be found on Mount Obsidian, but make sure you come prepared!

There you have it, all the best flying mounts from the start of your journey to the end. Note that these recommendations are purely based on speed and stamina, and not any other utility they may bring. We’d just like to add that "Suzaku" iconSuzaku, who sits between mid-to-endgame, deserves a mention for its huge stamina pool which is double almost every mount in the game. Unfortunately, its speed lets it down.

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