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Are Humans Worth Capturing in Palworld?

Jessica Dillon

Palworld lets you catch pretty much any living creature you want, including humans. This is a bit more difficult than catching Pals as humans have low catch rates, and trying to obtain friendly humans comes with its own risk. While catching humans is a strange and mostly fruitless process, they can help out with your base in some ways. The guide below goes over how to capture humans and what humans are the best to place at your base.

It’s easy to catch humans during certain base raids.

How to Catch Humans in Palworld

Catching humans in Palworld is possible, but for the most part, it is a waste of time and your "Pal Sphere" iconPal Spheres. You can catch pretty much any normal human that you can engage in combat with. All humans have an extremely low catch rate, so you will need quite a few spheres to catch them. The mechanic is mostly the same: get their health low for the best chance, and then throw your Palsphere. It’s easy to catch enemy humans during raids where they invade your base or by visiting enemy camps.

You can also catch friendly NPCs, but attacking them will cause the PIDF to attack you. To get around this, you will need to coax your Pals into hitting the merchant with an attack, as just the act of catching them won’t trigger the Wanted status. Early in the game, the PIDF can overwhelm and kill your character, as can higher-level enemy NPCs like armed Rayne Syndicate members. Typically, you will find stronger humans in higher-level zones. Keep in mind that you can’t capture the other survivors who you find scattered around the island, likely due to the fact you can’t engage them in combat.

Do Humans Add to Your Paldeck?

No, humans are not part of your Paldeck, but they have stats and can help out at your base. The game also won’t let you breed humans, and they are incredibly weak. The most you can do is use them for fodder in your team or put them to work at your base if your base Pals need to heal. There are a few exceptions to this rule if you want to make your game a little more convenient. It’s not clear whether catching humans is a glitch or not, so this feature may be taken out in the future.

Best Humans to Catch in Palworld

If you are going to catch humans, it’s best to pick up merchants. Merchants can be placed at your base so that you can purchase items from them. If they don’t have an inventory that you like, simply place them in the "Palbox" iconPalbox and then bring them back out. In the current version of the game, this will refresh the merchant’s inventory. Merchants regularly wander around the map or can be found in the village. Even the Pal merchant can be caught, giving you an easy way to buy and sell Pals.

Can you Capture The Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Out of these, the Black Marketeer is one of the best humans to catch. When you catch him, he will drop a hefty amount of gold and a "Gold Key" iconGold Key. He will always have a nice selection of rare Pals to buy from, and if you’re trying to make money, it’s easy to sell off your Pals for decent prices. The Black Marketeer is level 40 and armed with a gun. You will likely need to have several "Hyper Sphere" iconHyper Spheres on you as his catch rate is low. We don’t recommend trying to catch him unless you have a strong Pal team, are playing with friends, or are near level 40 yourself.

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